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6 Awesome Technologies Used in Modern School Buses


School bus safety is an important topic and there have been debates and discussions over the topic so as to make the school bus journey a safe affair for students. Most schools seek the aid of technology to ensure that their students are safe throughout the journey from home to school and back to home. With advancement in technology, more and more ideas have come up to handle various aspects of school bus safety. Here is a list of 6 such technologies used in school buses, at present:

RFID trackers

This technology has been implemented in most schools in the past few years for ensuring student safety. Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) trackers help in student tracking. They provide real-time information regarding the students to parents and school authorities. Students can have the RFID tags attached to their student ID cards. They have to swipe the RFID cards in the card reader attached to the school bus, once they board the bus and when they get down. Every time the students swipe the cards, notifications will be sent via phone to the parents and school authorities. Many parents think that RFID tags invade privacy of students. But, it is a myth. Tracking happens only until the students swipe their cards before they get down the bus, just to ensure that they had a safe journey.

School bus tracker

They utilize RFID and GPS tracking to provide real time information regarding school bus locations.  Parents are notified 10 minutes prior to the school bus reaches the scheduled bus stop. Once the student boards the bus, the parents and school authorities are further notified about the journey of the bus. Apart from student safety, reports on speed of the bus, unscheduled bus stops, fuel consumption etc. can also be generated using school bus tracker. All these information can help in judging the performance of the school bus drivers and also in cutting costs in terms of labour and fuel.


This technology is meant to keep school bus violators at bay. Sometimes, when a school bus is stopped at a particular bus stop, other vehicles have a tendency to enter the school bus danger zones, thus creating accidents. The latest victim to one such accident is Michael Burgess, an 11 year old from USA. He was boarding onto his school bus in the morning when an over speeding car hit him. The technology involving cameras were introduced to put an end to the issue. Little cameras that are installed into school buses get activated when the bus stops. In case any vehicle passes by, the cameras capture the number plate numbers.

Student behaviour tracking system

Bullying in schools is not just confined to classrooms. It can occur in school buses as well. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of student behaviour in school buses. A student behaviour tracking system can help you with that. This is usually a web communication tool that can help in identifying, analysing, responding to and resolving all sorts of incidents related to student misconduct.  The student behaviour tracking system can help drivers and administrators to communicate with parents and students so that they can work together to keep control of the students and ensure that they are safe.


Usually, it is students who are teenagers, are usually into bullying and creating all kinds of ruckus in a school. As a solution to the problem, many schools have come up with the idea of allotting Wi-Fi in school buses to keep the students occupied. Now, since most schools are integrating technology to schools, students may have a tablet or a laptop with them. Students can utilize the Wi-Fi in the bus productively to complete their homework or for leisure like playing games.  Since student stay involved, they will not have a chance to create unwanted problems in the school bus.

Spouts in front of tires

This technology comes handy in places that experience harsh winters. The spouts located in front of the school bus tires can drop sand onto the icy roads. Also, if the roads are really not worth travelling, the buses automatically put chains on the tires.

Keeping updated with technology is the best measure a school can take to provide safety to its students. However, it is not necessary that technology can only be utilized in schools to deal with student safety. Technology can also help schools in other aspects of the education field, thus cutting down unwanted costs and maintaining their reputation.

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6 Awesome Technologies Used in Modern School Buses
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