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School Transportation Services

Thursday May 28, 2015

In the past decade, school transportation has gained a lot in importance. This is primarily due to a faster lifestyle and increased safety threats.

A large number of parents are now part of the 9-6 work culture. This prevents them from ensuring their children’s safe transportation to and from schools. Even in the case of parents who take their children to school in their private vehicles, the accident rate has been high. The prime reason for this is that school transportation happens during peak traffic hours.

It is under these circumstances, school transportation services have gained in importance.  Statistics prove that School bus is the safest method of school transportation. From 1994-2004, the total number of school bus related causalities amount to 71. But, in 2004 alone, 31,693 people traveling in light trucks and cars were killed in traffic accidents.

About 24 million students depend on school bus transportation services every year for more than 4 billion miles. When you look at the death rate, it’s a mere 0.2 per 100million miles. At the same time, automobile deaths are about eight times higher.

So, it’s no wonder that lot of parents depend on school bus transportation services. But while being the safest mode of school transportation, there are a number of issues surrounding school buses. Let’s see what they are

Safety issues

Numerous times we hear of children missing their school bus in the evening. This can lead to a lot of issues such as child molestation, kidnapping, etc. Children getting down at the wrong bus stop can also face similar issues.

Installing GPS tracking systems in school transport services can be effective in preventing or at least notifying parents and school authorities when students get down at the wrong bus stop, or if there are unscheduled stops, etc. It would also provide convenient notifications to parents which will remind them about their child’s real time location.

Routing and planning

Routing and planning is very difficult particularly for a large school. The routes selected may not be the shortest or the most efficient. This would lead to extra costs and time wastage. Also, school managements would not be able to know if drivers are misusing their vehicles or indulging in rash driving.

Real time GPS tracking solutions can be a boon for school transportation services. They will be enable school authorities to figure out the shortest, safest and most efficient routes. Also, the real time tracking option helps to monitor driver behavior and misuse of vehicles.

Fuel and Maintenance Costs

School bus transportation services can breakdown without a warning at times. This happens mostly because their maintenance schedule is not followed properly. Also, rash driving, misuse of vehicle, etc can cause fuel and maintenance costs to rise. These can be avoided or at least restricted to a large extent by installing tracking solutions in school transport services.

Emergency Management

Under emergency situations such as hijacking, accident or a natural calamity, managing the school bus transportation system would be a challenge. The location would be unknown and at times, the situation itself may take several hours to get noticed. Providing an aid to a school bus in an accident would be a taxing job.

A GPS tracking system will make all of it a lot easier. The school will know of the accident as soon as it happens. To provide an aid, they would just need to look at who is the closest driver and inform him.

School transportation has greatly benefitted from GPS and RFID. The benefits are not limited to the student either. Parent’s fears are allayed to an extent and the school can enjoy a safer, more efficient management of its resources.

Each school transportation journey is important. Keep tab on them and ensure your child’s safety.

School Transportation Services
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