School bus Safety rules of Himachal Pradesh

  • Never run across the road and cross only at Zebra crossings
  • Walk on the passage. In the case of roads without passage, walk on the right side of the roads
  • Make sure that all lanes are clear before crossing the road
  • Do not try to cross the road at a corner
  • Putting head, hand or any other body part outside the stationary bus is prohibited
  • Never travel on the footboard of the school bus
  • In a moving bus, hold the handrail
  • Always obey the school bus safety rules
  • Give proper awareness to children about road safety
  • While crossing a wide road, cross straight to the central island and then carefully cross from there.
  • A child below 18years should not be allowed to drive
  • Right supervision should be given about boarding and getting off the bus
  • School buses must be checked regularly
  • Any safety rule violation must be immediately reported to relevant authority at once


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