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School Bus Safety Rules of Dubai

  • The colour of the school bus should be painted yellow
  • The phrase “School Bus” should be displayed on the right front and on the left rear side of the bus both in English and Arabic with a font size more than 80 inches and the phrase along with bus operator’s name should not exceed 1500 square cm.
  • An Electronic Stop Rod must be fitted behind the driver’s door with the red lights flashing whenever the school bus sops
  • No bars should be placed externally or internally on school bus windows and curtains are also not allowed on school bus windows
  • School bus number number should be written on the uppermost side of the left rear side and on the right rear side
  • Mirrors should be placed in such a way that all sides of the bus can be seen well
  • A cooling system should be there in every school bus, whose temperature do not exceed 24 degrees
  • There should be a compartment in the school bus for keeping student bags safely and it should not obstruct the movement of students
  • The two doors in a school bus should be fixed with handrails that helps students to get on and off the bus comfortably
  • School bus isle should be covered with inflammable and non-slippery rubber
  • The speed of a school bus should not be more than 80km per hour and there should be a speed controlling device attached to the bus
  • Every school bus should have first aid kits proportionate to the number of seats
  • There should be a manual fire extinguisher fitted in every school bus
  • No school bus should be older than 15 years from the manufactured date
  • Emergency exits must be proportionate to the number of passengers in the school bus
  • Every school bus should have 2-buckle safety belts and drivers should have 3- point safety belt
  • No sharp edges should be there inside or outside the school bus
  • A qualified or trained personnel should be appointed as school bus supervisors
  • School bus seats should be allocated to students in the beginning of the academic year with the co-operation from school principals and drivers. Each student should have a seat in the bus
  • Front seats should be allotted to boys and back seats should be allotted to girls
  • A female school bus conductor should be there in every school bus and must have age more than 25 years
  • No school bus maintenance works must be carried out inside the school compounds
  • Drivers as well as other school bus staffs should always keep up clean garments while engaging in school transportation activity
  • No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed while the bus is in motion
  • Every school bus should be kept clean and tidy
  • A school bus driver should have UAE driving license and he should not have any criminal records
  • The age of a school bus driver should not be below 25 years and he must know English and Arabic languages
  • All school bus drivers must pass school bus driving course conducted by a recognized agency and his driving permit should not be expired even for a month
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