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School Bus Safety Rules of Abu Dhabi

  • Every school should provide sufficient number of school buses and it must contain an adequate number of seats to accommodate all students in the bus
  • School bus maintenance works should not be carried out inside the school campus
  • School bus operators should have a complete list of students in the school bus and their contact numbers
  • Every school bus must satisfy the govt approved safety standards and technical specifications
  • Always appoint a driver with school bus driver permit issued by the Government and a co-ordinator to manage school transportation related activities well
  • There must be a seat for every student in a school bus
  • All drivers should receive special training conducted by the Transportation Department
  • A record should be kept for showing school bus related accidents and complaints
  • A female school bus attendant should be appointed in a school bus, which carry children less than 11 years of age
  • It is necessary to conduct daily inspections before taking the bus for trip. Lights, seats, vehicle body and tires should be checked well by school authorities before starting a school bus trip
  • When every students get down from the bus, ‘ No Students On Board’ should be displayed at the rear side of a school bus
  • No students are allowed to stand on the bus when a school bus is in motion
  • Every school bus should have adequate first aid supplies and a fire extinguisher
  • Before a school bus journey, make sure that entrance, exit, aisles and emergency doors are not blocked
  • All school buses should be cleaned and temperature inside buses should be maintained between 24-21 degrees
  • No school bus should exceed the maximum speed limit and never exceed speed more than 80 km/hr at any cost
  • School bus drivers should use crossing arms and warning lights while students are crossing the road
  • No students should be allowed to depart from a school bus other than the assigned stop
  • School bus staffs should maintain a professional behavior and wear imputed uniforms while they are on duty
  • Eating, drinking and using a telephone is not permitted while the bus is in motion
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the school bus
  • Every student in the school bus should use the seat belt provided to them
  • Always ensure that no students are left behind after reaching the final destination
  • School bus drivers should help students in crossing the road and evacuating a bus at the time of emergencies
  • Make students aware of crossing the road safely and use the school bus properly and organise certain recreation programs that makes their journey interesting
  • Ensure that contact information of each student is impeccable and up-to-date
  • Heavy fines will be imposed to students who tries to damage the school bus
  • The body of a school bus must be painted in yellow colour
  • There should be double flashing lights- red double lights on the uppermost part of the bus and yellow double lights on the lower part of the bus, which operate automatically when the door of a school bus opens or reverses
  • The inscription “School Bus” should be displayed both in English and Arabic language and it should have at least 20cm height. This must be placed between two upper flashing lights or anywhere on the upper part of a bus both on the front and rear part of the bus
  • School bus number along with operator’s name and contact number should be shown both on the left and right rear of the bus. The printed letters must be black in colour and have a height of at least 12cm height
  • School name should be shown in the middle of a school bus in black letter on both sides and height of the letters should not be less than 20cm
  • School crossing sign should be displayed both on the front right side and left rear of a school bus
  • The width of a school bus door must be between 65cm and 80cm and it must operate automatically
  • Steps used in school bus should be well lit and have non slippery surface
  • There should be a three point safety belt attached to every school bus driver’s seat
  • Student seats requirements
    • Should be fixed
    • Free from sharp edges
    • Seat handle must be covered with material to prevent injury
    • Dimensions- Height of the seat should be 40-45cm from the bus floor, width and depth should be less than 38cm and height of seat back should be less than 70cm
    • Distance between seats must be between 64cm and 62cm
    • Special area should be provided for students using wheelchairs
    • No extra seats should be fitted above permitted capacity
  • The width of bus aisle must be less than 35cm. It must be covered with fire resistant and non-slippary coverings
  • No curtains should be used on school bus windows
  • Every school bus should be provided with air conditioning device, GPS device and CCTV system
  • The depth of school bus steps must never be less than 25cm and height of the first step must not be greater than 30cm
  • All school buses should have an antilock braking system and emergency hammers that can be used to break glasses easily in emergency situations
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