School Bus Safety Rules of Jammu and Kashmir

  • Every school bus should be painted in yellow colour
  • School bus should be shown on the front and back of the bus. In the case of a hired bus, On School Duty should be displayed in front of the bus
  • There should be a first aid box, speed governing device and a fire extinguisher inside the bus
  • The windows of school buses should have horizontal grills in it
  • School name and its telephone number should be shown anywhere outside the school bus
  • For better safety, school bus doors should have a safe locking system and have sufficient space for keeping bags of students
  • No school buses should carry children more than its seating capacity
  • There should be a skillful attendant to take care of students
  • A school bus driver should have a minimum experience of 5 years of driving heavy vehicles
  • No driver guilty of traffic violation should be appointed as school bus drivers
  • Any parent or teacher should accompany students in the bus, for ensuring safety of students
  • School authorities should systematically check whether school bus is following essential safety guidelines


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