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School Bus Safety Guidelines of Colombia

  • Look in both directions before crossing the road.

  • Avoid pushing while getting on or off the school bus.

  • Cross atleast 10 feet infront of the school bus.

  • Remain seated till the bus reaches the destination.

  • Do not divert the attention of school bus driver by shouting or hooting.

  • Keep your hands, head and all portions of the body inside the bus.

  • Get down from the bus only at designated stops.

  • Pay attention to driver's instructions.

  • No smoking on the school bus.

  • Obscene language is not allowed on the bus.

  • Do not throw objects inside the bus.

  • Keep the bus clean and safe.

  • No eating or drinking while riding the bus.

  • The school service in private vehicles may be provided by car, minibus, jeep, truck, minivan and bus, whose age may not surpass ten (10) years old.

  • Equipments used in school service must perform annual mechanical and technical gases.