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101 Reasons to Choose TrackSchoolBus

Thursday December 14, 2017


Trackschoolbus is one of the leading ventures by Edsys and provider of school educational system. Consequently, with this venture, you will be able to address school bus safety issues related to parents and school authorities. Moreover, by using the Trackschoolbus apps, you can manage various safety issues in regard to school transportation and ensure a safe school bus journey to and from school.

Here follows the reasons why Trackschoolbus is the best choice for you. Lets' check it out:

1. Provide real-time data regarding the school bus location by using RFID and GPS technology

2. Obtain instant alerts through SMS, Android push notifications, iOS notifications, etc.

3. Analyze the school bus driver performance using trackers

4. Parents are notified regarding the school bus delays, unscheduled bus stops, over speeding, emergencies, etc.

5. Attain reports on travel speed, distance, travel history, etc.

6. Save energy and time by efficient utilization of the route management feature, and bus stop scheduling

7. Effective management of school bus fleets

8. Recognise better and efficient routes via driver console

9. Reduce fuel consumption of the school bus by avoiding unnecessary trips

10. Sort issues such as bus breakdowns, student issues inside the school bus, respond to emergencies, etc. quickly

11. Create a superior, economical, and safer school bus trip for the students

12. Manage students, parents, and school transportation authorities together

13. Handle safety concerns easily via school bus tracking software

14. Perceive travel history of the school bus via the tracking apps

15. Enable parents as well as school authorities to ensure whether a school bus child reached home safely or not

16. Monitor the school bus speed

17. Check out the time duration at each bus stops

18. Track issues such as traffic jams, natural mishaps, school bus breakdowns, etc.

19. Avoid unnecessary fuel wastage due to excessive vehicle idling, inappropriate routes, etc.

20. Easy route planning

21. Locate your child via GPS trackers and RFID tags

22. Re-routing and Rescheduling facility

23. School authorities can monitor school bus even though it is on the road

24. Supervise the activities of each school bus and estimate the working hours of a school bus driver

25. Highly accurate and error-free records

26. No issue of being lost in the school bus trip

27. Reduced expense as GPS is cost-effective

28. Take school bus attendance accurately

29. Provide real-time notifications whenever the child boards or descend from the bus

30. Powerful and durable due to the utilization of industry standard materials in casing the components and PCBs

31. Devoid of quality issues as we do not use China made devices

32. Easy installation (as it is a single piece of hardware) and maintenance (high quality hardware that requires minimum maintenance)

33. Compatible with different vehicle types

34. Portable design as its compact dimension of devices make sure that devices occupy minimal space only

35. Unique tracking device as both RFID reader and GPS technology is combined into a single device

36. Provide expert assistance anytime from anywhere

37. Know the repair status by login to the web portal

38. Restrict the movement of a school bus via Geo-fencing feature

39. Video surveillance with special hardware

40. Online payment system (available in Android and iOS platforms) for bus fares and cashless sales

41. No need of separate hardware for tracking

42. Drivers are able to get directions throughout the school bus trip

43. Drivers can view the image and contact details of students in the next destination

44. Obtain important announcements and messages via apps

45. While confirming the school bus route, it will be moved to the trip history

46. View the trip details whenever one desires

47. Provide peace of mind to parents and school transportation authorities

48. Parents can view the route via map feature

49. Ability to download report in the formats such as doc, PDF, or whatever format as per the user's preference

50. Assign roles for users such as transport managers, parents, point of sales personnel, teachers, etc.

51. School bus attendance marked via facial recognition of students

52. Route optimization feature enables the driver and school transportation authorities to choose the most efficient route for the trip

53. Gather information for preparing reports and with the import feature, data entry process becomes easy

54. On a single screen, transport managers can view the vehicle details, trip details, and tracking details

55. Historical vehicle movement can be tracked via advanced playback system

56. Control the movement speed and can be moved forward or backwards

57. Create routes and trip based on seating capacity, pick up point density, etc.

58. Based on the unplanned trip auto routing feature, the system will eventually collect the trip details, route details, etc. once the vehicle gets started. Thereby, convert unplanned trip to scheduled trip

59. With the trip merger feature, school authorities can merge multiple shifts to a single one

60. Students can use ID for the purpose of purchase. Parents can recharge the payment cards online (Cashless system)

61. Parents get instant notification once the children purchase from the canteen or stores

62. Ability to choose the best hardware as per the customers' requirements

63. Separate apps for school bus attendant, transport managers, parents, and drivers

64. No need to install a separate app for siblings

65. Less complication in updating the new pick up point

66. Students can apply leave via the app without contacting school management or school bus driver

67. Drivers as well as school authorities can have a good rapport with each other

68. Instant trip management

69. Provide birthday announcements instantly

70. Usage of cloud messaging service for apps

71. Generate various MIS reports

72. Application accessed via the web as well as smart phone

73. Know the real-time status of a school bus (parked, moving, etc.)

74. Scheduled route can be viewed by parents and they realise whenever there is a change in the usual routes

75. Recentre facility enables the user to update the exact pick up point and drop location of students

76. Using the manifest feature, pick up details, route diagram showing pickup location, the students who are present on the school bus, etc. can be recognized

77. Stay vigilant and take appropriate decision for improving student safety

78. Obtain live-cam feed of students inside the school bus

79. User-friendly apps, and easy customization

80. Adaptation of the latest technology

81. Efficient billing and invoice management

82. New users can be created by administrators

83. Speed limits can be updated beforehand

84. Able to establish a long term relationship with the clients

85. Have skilled and experienced developers

86. Constant implementation of quality control techniques

87. Drivers are able to possess multi-tasking capability

88. Recognise unsafe driving instantly

89. Play important announcement via bus audio system

90. Sort the driver shortage by efficiently managing them via apps

91. Historical data feature have the list of completed trips, resigned drivers, instant trips, completed scheduled trips

92. Details from the system can be utilized for safe driver ranking

93. Facility to choose the type of notifications that is to be received and the language for notification

94. Import data either via direct entry or through API integration

95. Store SIM card details and retrieve it whenever necessary

96. Modify logo and has full freedom to manage their own accounts

97. The trip will be marked complete only when all the students get off the school bus

98. Students who are on leave will be notified via the application

99. Less distraction and drivers can monitor students without even leaving their cabin

100. Able to choose the shortest trip from the app

101. Time-saving, convenient and safe transportation

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