How to Realize the Importance of School Bus Scheduling? School Bus Tracking System with Track School Bus Apps
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How to Realize the Importance of School Bus Scheduling?


School bus fleet management is an integral part of school discipline and assuring student safety. Scheduling the school bus transport or school bus scheduling according to the needs of students and concerns of the parents is therefore a Herculean task. With the introduction of advanced technology such as GPS, fleet management has become easier with optimal allocation and utilization of resources. 

Scheduling of school buses can therefore be beneficial due to a multitude of factors as mentioned below:

1. Saves time

Fixing a convenient bus stop for all students of a particular stop with due consideration for factors such as proximity to house, walking distance, etc. can be a little difficult for a school fleet manager under normal circumstances. But not so for those who have opted to employ the school bus fleet management system

Nevertheless, it not only calculates and analyses the factors required for fixing a bus stop, but also obtains the detail such as traffic volume during the pickup and drop timings. Such detailed analysis would certainly be convenient for the students, parents as well as the school bus transportation staff. 

2. Ensure student safety

Student safety is a thoughtful concern nowadays, and the change in route scheduling or delays due to traffic blocks, etc. can be intimated to parents with such a system. Parents need not worry, panic and make frantic calls in such cases. Those school bus fleets who do not have the system encounter such situations in which frantic parents tend to call up the school authorities to ask regarding the whereabouts of the school bus and the authorities will be unable to reach the bus staff and hence earns dissatisfaction from the parent's side. 

Such embarrassing situations can be avoided, provided if you choose to install the fleet management system with proper school bus scheduling facilities. 

3. Proper school bus scheduling

Fuel prices are soaring up every day and hence the need to save fuel is the need of the hour not only due to ecological aspects, but also to maintain proper economic balance. School bus fleet management personnel can opt to schedule the best possible routes to effectively reduce the fuel usage and heavy traffic. Moreover, this will result in considerable savings, which of course can be utilized for the betterment of the school facilities. 

4. Effortless vehicle maintenance

Once the school bus fleet adheres to a fixed routine for picking up and dropping students, then it is easier for the fleet managers to monitor and analyse reports on fuel usage and vehicle maintenance data. A proper school bus transport management system allows for effective scheduling so that even the test dates and regular garage visits can be planned in advance. This will no doubt allow the fleet managers to arrange alternate mechanisms for those days and save cost and stress at the last minute. 

5. Monitor student discipline issues 

First and foremost, bullying is a relentless concern among parents and the victims of bullying often lose self-esteem and this can affect the future of students. And often, bullying in school premises is controlled due to intervention and consistent monitoring by teaching staff. However, bullying on school buses and bus stops tend to be overlooked. When there is a proper bus scheduling, parents can avoid sending their children early to wait at bus stops.

With the latest GPS vehicle tracking systems coupled with PUSH, email or SMS options can send instant alerts to parents notifying them of the arrival of the school bus. On the other hand, with less waiting time at the bus stop, chaos can be avoided to a greater degree eventually reducing instances of bullying and eliminating it altogether. 

6. Avoid traffic blocks

Scheduling of school transport fleet can assist the drivers avoid heavy traffic in their usual hours of operation. Bus stops can be allocated in accordance of the traffic volume on that particular road. Choosing the bus stops away from the main roads and travelling through less traffic, optimal routes can thus enable the drivers to avoid stress and work cautiously while driving. After all, don’t our future generation need a stress free drive to school?

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How to Realize the Importance of School Bus Scheduling?
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