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Explore How School Bus Tracking Software Helps Student Safety


Every 40 seconds, there is a report of someone under 18 missing or having been abducted. The reasons may vary in each case but statistics shows that one out of every five children who are reported missing is eventually found dead. While you worry about the school bus safety of children, there are ways to ensure better safety.

It is not possible to travel with them the whole time. There are times when they are alone, it’s really important to give them the best. The travel to and from school is a task that is equally important as any daily activity for the students. It is no doubt that school bus is the best choice for travelling to school. School bus ensures safety of the children to the maximum.

Ever thought, how safety is ensured in school buses? It is a simple solution that enhances the safety measures of children.

If any student misses a stop or gets on the wrong bus, parents and the concerned authority receives notifications.

Advantages of depending on school buses:

There are a lot of advantages that comes with the choice of going to school by school bus.

1. School buses reach on time to the school

Due to heavy traffic, it’s almost impossible for parents to deliver their children at school on time. Reaching late at schools may force children to miss their class which will affect their studies. Preserving nature and its resources

Taking each child individually requires a lot of fuel. It’s not about paying for the fuel but also preserving it. Sharing the school bus with other children can reduce the consumption of fuel and can save it for the future.

2. Save time and energy being safe

Transportation of children to school is a task for working parents, but with school bus, the task becomes much easier. The school authorities ensure safety for the children travelling by school bus.

Ever wondered how GPS helps in ensuring safety for children?

GPS, Geo Positioning System is every-inch a safety measure that ensures better safety to children.

Here are some of the reasons why your children are safer with GPS:

1. Parents know where their children are going. The uncertainty about the kids can be eliminated. Parents can overcome the fear of their children being lost as the RFID tags are always at service. GPS calculates the exact position and recalculate the route automatically, eliminating stress and distraction.

2. GPS is equipped with safety features, such as hands-free calling, special "help" buttons that shows nearest police, hospital, garage, and more. During emergency situations, drivers can depend upon GPS software

3. The routing of the school bus is done by the school bus tracking software, reducing error and ensuring dependability

4. Even when the bus is travelling on the road, it remains under the control of the school authority. The bus is under surveillance. Speed and how the bus is managed is taken in to special consideration

Think twice before neglecting school bus transportation

1. Motor vehicle crashes are the foremost reason of death among children

2. GPS system can determine, location, velocity, time, speed, bearing, trip distance, distance to destination, sunrise and sunset

3. GPS can be used under any weather

4. GPS can be used anywhere in the world

5. GPS can be used 365 days an year and 24 hours a day

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Explore How School Bus Tracking Software Helps Student Safety
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