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10 Splendid Ways To Reduce Fuel Cost

To run any institution, fuel cost is about 30% of the total cost. So it is high time to think seriously about ways to manage fuel cost. It is a common need for every institution. If we gave proper attention and took necessary precautions, we will be able to reduce fuel cost to an extent. There are advanced technologies such as GPS School Bus Tracking systems to reduce fuel cost. Some effective methods to do this are:

1.Educate the drivers: Make them realize that they can make a big difference in fuel consumption. Let them know that using less fuel will ensure their job security and provide a better environment. Teach them how their driving will affect fuel consumption.

2. School bus tracking system to monitor the route in advance: By knowing the route clearly with the help of GPS, school bus tracking system will help to minimize the gear changes and that will reduce fuel consumption. With the help of GPS system the driver will get a picture of the traffic and it makes the driving easy. It helps the drivers to take most efficient path by avoiding congestion.

3. Keep the speed limits: Over speed has several negative impacts on engine and fuel cost. Moreover it increases the risk of accidents also. It decreases fuel economy. School bus Tracker apps  inform concerned authorities and parents about over speed.

4. Minimize the number of gear changes: Too much needless gear changes and application of clutch will drastically increase the fuel consumption. To reduce the number of gear changes study the traffic and routes thoroughly. This can be done with the help of GPS school bus tracking system.

5. Avoid overfilling: Overfilled tank will create fuel wastage. Filling fuel to the brim can easily cause overflow when the fuel is heated, either by the sun or fuel returned by the engine. Over filling is dangerous as well as wasteful.

6. Keep your tires inflated correctly: To improve fuel economy, keep correct pressure balance in your tires. It reduces chance of accidents and improves life of tire. So make sure that the tires are inflated correctly before you start a journey.

7. Avoid unwanted idling: Idling consumes huge amount of fuel in short time. So if you really don’t need your engine running, turn it off. By using fleet tracking with GPS you can monitor and control excessive idling.

8. Use the advantage of telecommunication technologies: Imagine a school bus service running through a particular route for a single student and the student is on leave that day, it is better to inform the driver or his assistant by a phone call. So they can save fuel.

9. Reduce wind resistance to the maximum: Keep all the bags and luggage inside the bus. Don’t mount them on the top. That will reduce fuel efficiency by creating resistance to the wind flow.

10. Prepare in advance for an easy departure in the morning: Before stopping the bus at night do the necessary thing so that you don’t have to do a lot of manoeuvring in the morning with a cold engine, as that can consume a lot of fuel. Fuel management not only benefits the vehicle owners but it indirectly helps with safety also.


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10 Splendid Ways To Reduce Fuel Cost
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