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Dubai Taxi Corporation Introduced Smart Buses with Latest Technologies

Tuesday October 18, 2016



Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) introduced smart buses with latest technologies. DTC took this initiative for making school transport service of the Dubai government excellent and safe. It has been reported that about 3000 students from eight schools participated in the service.

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Mohammed Said Al Dhuhori, who is the Director of DTC's School Transport, said that new buses will be installed with surveillance cameras, which is connected to monitors of the DTC's Control Center.

The cameras can track each and every movement of student activities, including sitting and descending from the school bus. Also, he added that buses will be fitted with GPS tracking system which gives instant notification to and from school to parents.

For more safety, every school buses have also fitted a switch, which needs to be disabled by driver whenever the bus stops. This helps drivers  to check whether students have left the school bus.

Al Dhuhori added that, for getting this school bus transport service, one can either dial DTC's Customer Service Center number 042080555 or visit any school's customer service staff. He also informed that smart buses have been chosen as the bus that obey various guidelines issued by the Public Transport Agency and world's highest school transportation service.


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