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New Issues Emerges Over School Bus Safety in Abu Dhabi


Parents raised new issues about school bus transport after a school bus crash injured 47 people in Abu Dhabi. Some of them complained that bus drivers are not taking adequate safety precautions and others feared about bad habits of motorists.

Subramoniam S, a student's parent, is of the opinion that drivers should take care of passengers and be extra cautious about public bus transport services.

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Pradnya, parent of a 5 year old child from Dubai, said that school bus safety is not the responsibility of bus drivers alone; others should also be vigilant about the school bus.

After the demise of a three-year-old girl, Nizaha Aalaa in October 2014, school transport safety has been revised. The girl suffered from heat prostration and died after being locked inside a school bus for hours. This incident led to closure of the school for a brief period, payment of a fine of 100,000 Dirhams in blood money. The school was forced to use government authorised bus operators thereafter.

In addition to this, Emirates Transport and Abu Dhabi Educational Council also introduced a safety initiative, which include ensuring of proper student behavior in school buses, conducting diurnal bus safety inspections, systematic maintenance, manual pupil checking system etc.

Cameras and tracking systems have been installed to identify the accident cause and recognize misdeeds made by drivers or students. Also, school buses have been installed with so many new and innovative safety devices that ensure student safety.

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority informed that each school bus should have two extinguishers, two school bus attendants, and two first aid kits compulsorily. Also, they completely forbid the use of minibuses for school transportation.


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New Issues Emerges Over School Bus Safety in Abu Dhabi
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