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Why is the Driver Console App a Necessity for Schools?

Wednesday January 20, 2016



Driving is the most risky job. And when it comes to school transportation the trouble becomes doubled. It is the responsibility of driver to control the school bus trip and behavior of students. Drivers should be able to handle multiple tasks at the same time. Their prime responsibility is to take care the school bus safety.

With the introduction of apps, the drivers are able to fulfill their duty more proficiently and they have better school driving experience. Driver console app is an excellent example for this. Driver console app is a brilliant app created especially to help and guide school bus drivers.

Bus rides can be revolutionized using the driver console. Drivers are able to have better control over each school bus rides. The next pick up and drop details will be provided to them at the right time. They can keep a close observation both inside and outside the school bus.

Here are the benefits of using driver console app:

  • helps to take attendance of students in school bus
  • can keep a good coordination with transport manager
  • can helps the drivers in routing
  • helps to execute multiple task
  • manage bus effectively and efficiently

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All these benefits help the driver in doing various important tasks easily and quickly. Apart from this, the app helps them to plan the trip or navigation. Drivers can decide the route and the number of stops in a single trip beforehand. The app provides profiles of students from each stop to the driver. Hence, there would be a proper organizing in fulfilling the driver's tasks. They can find the shortest route and thus plan accordingly.

Using the app, a driver can monitor bus speed regularly. Similarly parents, transport managers or other authorities can also keep an eye on the driver. And they can send alerts if the drivers are not paying much attention to driving. One can easily identify if there is any possibility of unsafe driving.

The drivers would get a continuous live feed of students aboard with the help of multiple cameras installed in the bus. All these live feed can be viewed by the driver using their console app. The drivers will have the ability to monitor the bus efficiently. Some of the qualities of the app include convenience, time saving and safety assurance.

Driver console plays a greater role in keeping school bus attendance. This feature helps the driver to identify who are all missing in the school bus. The app also enables to take bus attendance whenever the student board the bus. Drivers are able to get information about each student at a particular stop from the app. Bus attendance can be taken using radio frequency identification (RFID) cards. Apart from this drivers are able to interact with students inside the bus and can thus give important announcements through the app. The app indirectly helps to maintain discipline inside the school bus.

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The driver console can be a very useful app for every schools. The app not only helps to maintain discipline but also helps to maintain school bus safety. With the introduction of app, navigation or trip planning have become easier for drivers. Transport managers can also make important announcements through the audio facility of the driver console app.

By considering all the benefits together we can understand the importance of driver console app especially in an institution like school where school bus safety is given greater priority than anything.

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