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Is School Bus Safety The Responsibility of Drivers Alone?


Everyday millions of students ride on school buses around the world. Well trained drivers transport them to school. But is it enough to rely only on the driver? Probably not. [Why Being a School Bus Driver Isn’t As Easy As You Think]

Giving all the responsibilities of student transportation to the driver is not wise. You can do better than that. School bus monitoring systems allow parents to tackle uncertainties. It helps you to be a part of your child’s school bus ride experience.

What can Teachers, Schools and Parents do about it?

School Bus Monitoring System

You can never go wrong with GPS based School bus monitoring systems.

Safety at Its Best – Parents can track school bus with GPS. They are notified about the actual arrival time of the bus. With GPS, children need not wait for their parents, exposed to various dangers.  If the driver enters a no-go zone or opts unsafe driving, parents will get to know in no time.

Cost Savings – Schools can save a decent amount with the use of GPS. It helps to make sure that drivers operate the school bus efficiently. Eliminate idling of the school bus, save fuel, ensure better driving and maintenance with GPS.

Better Environment – Optimized routing eliminates unwanted idling thereby reducing fuel emission. Preserve green for the future. Be proud that you are contributing your bit for the better tomorrow.

#Who would decline a School bus monitoring system that saves money, time and energy?

School Bus Safety Guidelines for Children:

Knowing the rules can help children safeguard themselves. Teach your children to do their part.

Just like teaching them lessons, go for a lesson plan this time too:

 Lesson 1: Introduction to the school bus

The prime goal is to introduce children to the concept of school bus and its purpose. Safety in the absence of parents is what school bus offers. For the better function of the purpose, there are factors children should keep in mind. [School Bus Safety Issues and Their Solutions]

Explain to them,

  1. Why school bus is different?
  2. What does it look like?
  3. Who rides a school bus?

Lesson 2: Safety and school bus

The foremost goal of this lesson is to make them understand, how to be safe while waiting for the school bus. Don’t make children panic or confused. Teach the behaviour pattern to follow inside the bus. 

  • Wait patiently for the school bus, at least 10 feet away from the road
  • Don’t play while waiting your bus, its dangerous to play near road
  • Don’t rush to the school bus

Lesson 3: Behaviour inside the bus

No School bus monitoring system is useful unless children maintain good behaviour. Make them understand the importance of manners and how it is related to safety.

  • Enter the school bus in a neat queue, don’t rush
  • If you drop something, don’t pick it up, inform the driver
  • Find a seat before the bus starts
  • Talk quietly
  • Follow drivers instruction carefully
  • During the entire bus ride, children should remain seated
  • Don’t eat or drink during the school bus ride

Parents, its now your turn!

Ensure safety every step.  If your child lacks adequate pedestrian skill, walk them to the bus stop. Reliable School bus monitoring system can make things easier for you. If your child walks alone to the bus stop, make sure that the route is safe. [Things Parents Can Do To Ensure School Bus Safety]

  • Its safe to wear light colour bags, so that they will be visible from distance
  • Reach the school bus stop five minutes before the allotted time
  • Even though traffic stops for school bus, check the road before crossing
  • Maintain a good relation with the school bus driver 
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Is School Bus Safety The Responsibility of Drivers Alone?
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