Traffic Police Organizes Meeting to Educate School Bus Drivers


Traffic police have organized a meeting with school bus drivers as well as school bus owners. The main aim of the meeting was to educate drivers about traffic rules and regulations that has to be followed while transporting school children.

The meeting was an aftereffect of the accident that happened in Etah, which killed 15 children due to visibility issue in the fog. About 1500 drivers and owners attended the meeting addressed by the Superintendent of Police(SP).

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SP of Gautam Buddh Nagar said that the meeting was attended by drivers of about 50 schools in the city. They were informed about various school safety guidelines, essential traffic rules and regulations. As a part of meeting,  school bus drivers were given awareness on various precautionary measures to be taken for ensuring school bus safety.

The meeting ended with an oath supervised by the Superintendent and the drivers pledged to become responsible drivers while carrying school bus students.


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