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Driver Console - Revolutionizing Bus Rides

With the brilliant new Driver Console App from TrackSchoolBus, schools can now enjoy better control over each bus rides. It helps you keep the bus under surveillance from the inside, marks attendance, helps the driver with route and co-ordinates with school transport manager, and more. It allows drivers to execute multiple tasks with minimum distraction within the school bus that they drive. It is a great solution for schools to manage their buses in an effective and efficient manner.

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  • Navigation/Trip Planning

    Driver Console App allows drivers to plan each trip. From setting routes to the number of stops in a single trip, drivers get to decide beforehand. They are shown the profiles of students to be picked from each stop in an organized way. Also, easily select shortest trip from their console and plan routes accordingly.

  • Speed Monitor

    Now monitor bus speed in real-time. Are your drivers moving too fast or too slow? Well, the driver console app helps you to keep an eye on your drivers, sending alerts to you under such circumstances. You also get to know positiva and negative driver habits, making it easy to identify unsafe driving.

  • Live-Cam Feed

    Multiple cameras are installed in buses, giving drivers continuous live feed of students onboard. Drivers can view it on his console with the Driver Console app from TrackSchoolBus. This gives him the ability to monitor the school bus, without leaving the driver’s station, saving time, adding convenience and safety.

School Bus Attendance

The Driver Console App provides comprehensive school bus attendance. This feature gives drivers and schools the exact idea of who is missing from the bus should such situations arise. The addition of our latest driver console app enables you to take care of attendance as students board the school bus.

The driver console contains information about kids who will board the bus at a particular stop. Bus attendance is registered using RFID cards given to each student.


Drivers can interact with the students through this app which gives them provision to make important announcements. This feature, apart from helping drivers with navigation and marking attendance also help them to maintain discipline within the bus.

The Transport Manager (school representative) would be able to play audio on the bus, helping to not only make announcements but also play informational audio.

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