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TrackSchoolBus Launches Upgraded Driver Console App

Monday March 20, 2017


Hurrah!! we're launching an upgraded version of our Driver Console App. A number of our clients and prospects were confused with the mobile and tablet versions of the app. So we decided to combine both their features and release it as a single app.

This new version is a complete trip management app.  As the same app is now available on mobile as well as tablet, it allows drivers to access the app without any confusion.
It is a useful version for transport managers as they obtain details such as kilometres covered, details of finished trip, vehicle speed, etc. As per these details, school authorities can provide ranks to drivers.

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In addition to above benefits, there are a number of other valuable features including:

  • Error-free attendance management system
  • Easy scheduling of instant trips
  • Data storage (everything related to trip such as route, pick-up point, etc.)
  • Next destination details
  • Quick creation and update of new pick up points
  • Trip history details
  • Announcement of next trip
  • Real-time notification
  • Automatic school announcements
  • Chat facility
  • Birthday wishes for school bus students
  • CCTV Footage for drivers
  • Automatic leave update
  • Over speed Alert
  • Welcome message for each student

We are excited about this new app. It is definitely a positive step towards TrackSchoolBus' ultimate aim – 100% safe school buses. The launch of the app is not the final word though. There would be constant improvisation as we try to implement new ideas, and more importantly, listen to feedback from the Drivers and Transport managers themselves.

If you want to check out the app, here's the link – Driver Console

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