Trackschoolbus Adds Face Recognition Feature to its Apps


Trackschoolbus adds Face recognition feature for ensuring better safety of school bus children. With this feature, the school bus attendance will be marked by face recognition of students.

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A clear photograph of student, which includes the major face features like ears, eyes, nose, lips, and cheeks will make the attendance management a simple process.

The key features of the face recognition feature may include:

  • Instant notification to parents regarding school bus attendance
  • Option to upload another image if the image is not clear
  • Use front camera or back camera as per the convenience of the user
  • Identify students within a range of 1.5m to 30cm away
  • Students will be able to know whether their face recognition is done or not
  • Get birthday wishes, welcome messages, etc. for students once the face recognition is done

A  limitation with this feature is that it may not work, if a particular student wear sun glasses, or covered by clothes. At that time, RFID cards can be used for taking school bus attendance.


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