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VPS: Google’s New Venture for Indoor Positioning


Google is developing an indoor positioning tech called “VPS” (Visual Positioning System) – this was the most exciting announcement in Google's I/O. For this purpose, the company makes use of Tango 3D sensing computer Vision Tech, which develops a GPS that helps to navigate indoors.

Clay Bavor, Google’s vice president of virtual reality, said that it will be useful to integrate AR (Augmented Reality) with the real world. And hence they are working with the Google Maps team to get precise indoor location details.

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Instead of satellites, VPS uses a Tango camera that has the capability to triangulate its position based on the room's visual features. VPS-enabled smart phones identifies the user's location in the shop and directs the user to the object they are seeking for.

And this tech is totally a game changer for the visually impaired ones as it can be combined with an audio interface for providing directions to nearby objects.



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VPS: Google's New Venture for Indoor Positioning
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