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8 Technologies that Simplify Transportation Related Tasks

Tuesday February 13, 2018


2018 is a crucial year for the transportation industry. For additional convenience and safety, fleet managers are opting software that will simplify their transportation related tasks.

For this reason, as a fleet manager, it is wise to install the software that supports your data collection process, have fuel efficiency equipments, Wi-Fi, wearable technologies, and a tracking device to monitor student’s movements.

Check out the 8 technologies that simplify transportation related tasks:

1. Advanced Fleet Management Software

A fleet management software enables you to facilitate the fleet related task, driver’s task, and vehicle maintenance effortlessly. Consequently, this comprises the task involving financial perspective, policy formulation, and management of technicians, drivers, and shops.

In the modern fleet management software, the system will be having a new interface that provides a refurbished login experience, and enhanced core stylesheets, which can be utilized throughout the system.

However, along with the existing functionality, the modern software consists of features such as an advanced login system, which is compatible with smart phones, desktop, tablet, and laptop.

Furthermore, the software will have a capability to white  label screens with trademarks and background images, generate augmented content layout, and incorporate updates for the cross-browser functionality.

2. Devices for Detecting Left Out Children in Vehicles

Have you heard of a device that recognize the children left out in vehicles? The Ambient Sensing Node (ASN) is such an intelligent device that enables to detect the children, who are left behind vehicles, for instance, school buses.

Moreover, the device records heartbeat, breathing, etc. for recognizing the movements of the vehicle occupants. As a result, the drivers and vehicle operators will receive instant alerts via the telematics system.

3. School Bus Wi-Fi Solution

No doubt, integrating wi-fi to the school bus is one of the brilliant solutions. Why? Since, it assists you to transform travel hours into a productive one, and thus able to extend the classroom by providing internet facility to students.

As a matter of fact, when students are rendered with internet facility, they will be able to excel in school work.

With the wi-fi facility, students will be able to relish data sharing and pooling among school buses, and have a dual-carrier option to attain two networks at the same time (4G network is also available).

4. Fuel Island Terminal

Fuel Island Terminal will be rendered with multiple options that enables you to realize the neglected fuel requirements. The device such as Petro Vend 200 renders 24 hours fuel control and it aids you to recognize abandoned fleet fueling operations.

Apart from that, the terminal also provides an alpha keyboard, a receipt printer, and the dual card reader.

5. Single Data Platform

With the innovative single data platform system, consisting of real-time GPS, integrated student tracking system, driver support, vehicle inspection and maintenance, and route analysis, you will be able to handle the vehicle fleets efficiently.

Other advanced features include updates on the school bus location, cameras with an ability to sync to the cloud, a cloud-based dashboard having vehicle idling, fuel usage alerts, and  automatic engine diagnostics, driver safety reporting, and swift-search user interface.

This particular platform can be integrated to the school bus tracking apps.

6. HD Video Surveillance System

TH6 is an HD video surveillance system, which enables you to accomplish HD upgrades swiftly. For instance, you can install up to 1080p 6 HD cameras, in addition to the records obtained from the analog cameras.

The system such as TH6, also attributes the facility to record video even though there is an unexpected power loss due to accidents.            

7. Battery Technology

The ACC Climate Control and Vanner Inc.’s Revolution technology offers zero-emission operation. Presumably, this technology will enable you to oust vehicle idling, reduce vehicle maintenance costs, and lower fuel consumption.

In addition to this, the driver will have the full air conditioning functionality, radios, wheelchair lifts, etc. with the engine off, which will eliminate the unnecessary emissions.

8. Wearable Technology

With the advent of wearable technologies, you will be able to manage severa l vehicles efficiently. For instance, by utilizing these technologies, you will be able to record attendance effectively and procure trip details. Hence, the overall transportation becomes successful and profitable.

All the above 8 innovative technologies can simplify the transportation related tasks and enables you to achieve the established goals.

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