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Now, RFID Tags in Truck Tires to Provide Better Maintenance Data!

Michelin, one of the leading tire maker adds RFID tag to all its truck tires in an effort to provide better maintenance data to their customers.  Ralph Dimenna, Michelin Americas Truck Tires division COO, said that RFID platform helps you to track the tire assets and know the life cycle of tire casings well.

The fleet advisory council stated that with the valuable information obtained from RFID tags, they are able to better manage the business. They claim that their 98% of truck tires are installed with RFID tags and one can access the maintenance details using a RFID reader.

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Installation of RFID tags in tires is indeed a smart move by Michelin and it can be a huge start for obtaining better vehicle maintenance data. This is mainly useful for school transportation services to ensure better student safety.


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