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School Bus Transportation Software – 10 Things to Note

Monday August 27, 2018


Schools across the globe invest in automated school bus transportation solutions majorly to serve two main objectives. While the primary motive is to ensure all-time safety of its students in school bus, the other objective is to efficiently operate its fleet.

In order to lend a helping hand to schools to address these two major concerns, TrackSchoolBus offers a holistic solution in the form of school bus transportation software. The software is really useful for both school authorities as well as parents.

Here we are listing out 10 things that you must know about the indigenous school bus transportation software of TrackSchoolBus.

  1. Ensures Real-Time Safety of Students via 4 Different Apps

The TrackSchoolBus school transportation software  comes with a host of safety features that are delivered through 4 different apps. They are – the Bus Attendant App, the Parent App, the Driver Console and the Transport Manager App.

All these apps in the hands of different people concerned about the safety of students perform the primary function of ensuring real-time safety of students.

The Bus Attendant App is a holistic solution that enables bus attendants to plan every trip, receive notifications and announcements and help them assign correct pickup points to students.

Aptly named the Parent App, it is through this app that parents will be able to track the route of their wards’ school bus. They will have real-time information about the exact location of the bus. Parents can also keep a watch on the attendance of their wards through this app.

Every fleet manager of a school will find it handy to use the Transport Manager App provided by TrackSchoolBus. All in an attempt to exercise complete control over the fleet of school buses, this fleet management app can also step in to locate untracked vehicles.

The Driver Console App can be tagged as an innovative and driver-friendly offering of TrackSchoolBus. This app enables drivers to perform a number of monitoring activities like scheduling trips, planning school bus routes and keeping a watch on the speed of the bus.

  1. Use of High-End Hardware Components

You can rely on the seamless performance of the TrackSchoolBus transportation software suite as it built using high-end hardware components. This superior hardware when integrated with the state-of-the-art software leads to a robust school bus transportation software that can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements.

  1. Easy to Install and Maintain

TrackSchoolBus vouches for the top-class quality of hardware that makes up its indigenous school bus transportation software. Leaving no room for duplicating its integration to the system, this suite demands minimal maintenance. Added to this, you can easily install this software in a jiffy.

  1. Compatibility With Various Hardware Configurations

Another significant pointer that makes the software suite of TrackSchoolBus stand out from the rest is its compatibility with different hardware configurations. Along with this feature, it is important to note that this is a very affordable solution which can be availed by different schools.

  1. Additional Security and Tracking Features

Tagged as an affordable software from TrackSchoolBus, you can avail the features of video surveillance and the built-in attendance system. Real-time notifications are the most important data points that can be helpful in averting unforeseen exigencies.

Given the scenario that your child has boarded the wrong bus or has missed the bus, you as parents will be notified about such instances.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Automates Many School Bus Transport Features

Parents and all those who are concerned about the safety of school students should be aware of the fact that TrackSchoolBus employs cutting-edge AI technologies. AI steps in to support three main transportation functions: auto allocation, auto optimization and auto routing features.

Auto Allocation is a function that permits the automatic selection of the pickup location by simply checking the residential address of a student on Google Maps.

Through Auto Optimization, school bus drivers can effectively optimize the pickup and drop points of students. This is an innovative feature that helps drivers save their efforts and time with every school trip.

The school bus transportation software from TrackSchoolBus provides the Auto Routing feature. As the name suggests, fleet managers who sign up for this software will be in a position to optimize school bus trips and routes, eventually picking the right vehicle that matches their requirement.

  1. Vehicles Benefit A Great Deal

As mentioned earlier, the school bus transportation software offered by TrackSchoolBus meets the dual demands of student safety as well as effective fleet management.

With this software in place, school administrations will be able to cut down vehicle overheads considerably. Automated fleet management techniques supported by TrackSchoolBus pave the way for reduced vehicle maintenance and fuel expenses.

In addition to improving the operational tenure of every school bus, this software can keep you away from roads having high traffic.

  1. Use of Technology Creates Goodwill

All those schools which sign up for the school bus transportation software of TrackSchoolBus can take pride in their foresightedness.

This indigenous software which promises student safety and efficient fleet management at all times can become the strongest reason for schools to have a good reputation. Parents and fleet managers would definitely want to get associated with schools which employ modern technology.

  1. A Worry-Free Alternative for Parents and Schools

Schools which sign up for the school bus transportation software offered by TrackSchoolBus will always enjoy peace of mind. They will be rest-assured that their students and vehicles are constantly under the watchful eyes of this multi-faceted software solution.

Alongside ensuring the safety of kids on board, this solution which helps in regular attendance management can be the biggest asset to every school.

  1. A Multi-Faceted Software Solution

After having learnt about the striking characteristics of the school bus transportation software offered by TrackSchoolBus, it will not be an overstatement to mention that this is an all-in-one solution.

Constantly meeting the various needs of parents, school bus drivers and fleet managers, this school bus transportation software promises a great deal of convenience coupled with student safety.

You can also substantially reduce your vehicle expenditure when you are in perfect control over the different routes, trips and pickup points. All these are the collective benefits of this school bus transportation software suite from TrackSchoolBus.

Closing Thoughts

Safety is indeed everyone’s concern, especially with kids who are expected to reach their destination on time and safely; every day. Additionally, schools face the challenge of effective fleet management when they have to employ modern means to reduce vehicle overheads and avoid mishaps.

All in an attempt to provide a workable solution to these two major concerns, TrackSchoolBus has come up with an indigenous school bus transportation software. Go for this software to be at the receiving end of a multitude of benefits.

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