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How Can School Bus Route Planner Help Transport Managers

Friday January 19, 2018


Planning is an essential step in every task. When it comes to fleet management, route planning have an enormous role in determining the success of transportation services. Nevertheless, transport managers are responsible for managing school bus fleets. At this juncture, you will certainly be astonished regarding the role of school bus route planners.

Let’s check out the role and relevance of appointing the school bus route planners:

What is the Role of Vehicle Route Planner?

As a matter of fact, transport managers will not be able to handle all transportation related tasks. Hence, in order to assist them, they appoint the route planners. A vehicle route planner can be considered as an assistant to transport managers. 

The vehicle route planner is a user, who assists to schedule the routes for the trip. Moreover, the risk associated with transporting kids to and from the school is immense. Therefore, having a school bus route planner is an added advantage, especially, for ensuring student safety.

Responsibilities of  a school bus route planner

  • create and schedule routes
  • assign and manage pick up points
  • ensure and confirm whether the chosen route is appropriate or not
  • approve the request for new pick up points

However, designating the school bus route planner is a part of the delegation of authority process. In fact, a transport manager delegate route planning tasks to vehicle route planners for managing school transportation efficiently and accomplish success.

What is the Requirement of Route Planners?

Route planners provide an enormous assistance to transport managers by planning the routes of school transportation effectively. By delegating the route management authority to route planners, transport managers will be able to save their time and efforts, and spare it for committing other transportation related tasks. Thus, the overall school transportation becomes successful and efficient. 

Can Auto Routing Facility ease the Task of School Bus Route Planners?

First and foremost, what is auto routing facility? Auto routing facility assembles data regarding route, pick up and drop points, trips, vehicle, and its seating capacity, vehicle allotments, and student data from the existing transportation records or parent registration data. After that, the system enables you to choose the optimized and the suitable route for your trip.

By incorporating the AI integrated features to the school bus tracking apps, the route management now became one of the effortless tasks, which provide an invaluable assistance to the route planners. Let’s have a glimpse of the dominant features offered by the auto routing facility:

  • Automatically recommend optimized route, vehicle, trip, etc. on the basis of data regarding the pick up points, drop points, shift, and school bus seat capacity
  • Carry out an efficiency check for the existing routes
  • Approve and ratify the apt route for the trip
  • Optimize vehicle utilization, running distance and duration
  • Curtail vehicle running costs and reduce vehicle running hours

Ultimately, the school bus route planners assist transport managers to ensure a safe and secure journey by planning the optimized and efficient routes for the school bus journey.