School Bus Transportation: Is Bullying a Serious Concern?



School bus bullying is a growing concern to every parents. Knowing the signs of bullying and reacting against it at the right time reduces unnecessary tensions and problems. Otherwise, bullying can negatively impact student's education. It can make them fearful of going to school.


School bus bullying can make a torturous experience to students rather than a fun opportunity for learning. It can be prevented by providing a supportive and positive school environment. School authorities should teach the students that bullying is an unacceptable behavior.


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Safest Means of Transportation


School bus transportation is said to be the safest means of transportation for children. Commonly, school bus is the location for bullying. This could resist parents to keep away their child from such dangers.


Sometimes even school bus drivers ignore such bullying and fail to report to school authorities. This encourages bullies to continue doing their wrong doings. It is the responsibility of adults to take action against such misbehavior and help those students who became victims. It can mentally as well as physically destroy the life of the student.

School authorities ignore bullying as they think it is a silly issue. But they never think about the consequences of bullying. Ignoring such issues can encourage such bullying gangs and the issues related to bullying can increase day by day.


Parents will be afraid of sending their children to school as they are concerned about the school transportation safety of students. But bullying can be prevented by a number of methods. Some of them are as follows:

  • Organize an Anti-Bullying Committee

Organizing an anti-bullying committee can help a lot. Such a committee should consist of a student representative, teacher, and other school authorities. Hence the victims of bullying and witnesses of bullying can easily report to them.

  • Installation of Camera

Camera can be installed in the school bus for closely monitoring the students. It can show who starts fight and who are being bullied at. Drivers can thus get constant updates on the activities of students.


But drivers may not be able to concentrate completely on camera as they may increase the chance of accidents. School authorities and drivers can co-ordinate together to find any kind of misbehaving from students.


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  • Reporting to Authorities

When bullying is reported at the right time, it can be avoided to an extent. Most of the time, students fail to report bullying at the right time. Hence authorities may not be able to take action against the students who misbehave.

  • Avoid Bullies

It is a kind of silently solving the issue. Try to ignore the bullying ones. When they feel they are ignored, they naturally stop bullying. Being polite to a bully can make them think about his or her actions.

  • Conduct Awareness

School authorities can conduct awareness programs regarding bullying and its effects. This can discourage the students who are bullying and they will also be able to understand the aftereffects of bullying. This will help the school authorities to maintain a good environment in school transportation.


Indeed, school bus bullying can cause a devastating effect on students. It can affect a student's mental as well as physical health. Students who are bullied can undergo physical symptoms such as head ache, depression, sleeping deficiency etc.


They may also be afraid to go to school, lose interest in school, have trouble in concentrating and become academically poor. Sometimes even suicidal thoughts can come across the minds of bullying victims. Hence school bus bullying is a serious concern in affecting the safety of school transportation. Parents and teachers have a great role to play in creating a bully free environment inside the school bus.


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