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School Bus Safety Tips for First Time Rider

Monday March 7, 2016



It is a known fact that riding to school bus is safer than riding in a personal vehicle. Yet there will be some degree of anxiety and fear in the minds of parents. First time riders as well as parents will be equally anxious about school bus transportation. They will face so many difficulties in understanding the norms and rules of school bus transportation. In the case of first time riders, everything will be new for them.


School Bus Safety Tips for First Time Rider


It is obvious that parents worry about their child if they are going to school for the first time. They worry about how their child recognizes the bus number, bus driver and how they interact with others. Once they learn their routine, school bus would offer them an opportunity for growth and independence.

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There are certain tips to first time riders for carefully handling such situations:

  • Always Try to Stay Calm

It is better for parents to remain calm. If they are nervous, it will naturally reflect on their children as well. Instead, they can tell their child how it is to travel in a bus, and stress the importance of listening to the directions of the bus driver.

  • Attend Orientation Programs

Many schools conduct orientation programs before the start of each academic year. Sometimes parents may accompany their children while they go to school for the first time. These orientation programs may help them to tackle this uneasy situation.

  • Know the Bus Stop and Route

Parents can tell the parents where is the bus stop and try to drive them in the same route the bus takes. This would give them an idea about the routes and where they have to wait for the bus.

  • Parents can Interact with Other Parents

Parents can communicate with other parents whose kids are also getting from the same bus stop. It would be particularly useful when one kid's parents are not able to monitor bus due to some inconvenience. Also, they can take shifts in bus monitoring.

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  • Review Bus Safety Rules and Behavioral Expectations

Parents can review rules that they heard in orientation programme they attended. Some of the rules to be advised for children by the parents are the following:

  1. Be seated, never walk here and there while the bus is moving

  2. Never hoot or shout inside the school bus

  3. Do not throw head or hands outside the school bus window

  4. Report to the bus driver if there is any problem

  5. Be aware of the traffic once they get off the school bus

  6. Walk several feet away from the bus so the driver could see you properly

  7. Always try to cross in front of the school bus

  8. Tell and alert the driver if they are going to pick up something near the bus

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  • Teach the Child about Go Home Rules

Teach children to tell the driver that they missed stop they are supposed to get down. Also tell them not to get down the stop unless their parents or designated adult are not at the stop.

  • Take Extra Precaution

Give the child a card which specifies their bus number, name, address, name of the guardian and phone number. Hence the child learns routine easily and quickly.


All the above school bus safety tips can be a great help to both parents as well as first time riders. It is the responsibility of parents to inculcate self confidence in the minds of their children. 

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