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Essential Things Parents Should Know About School Bus Routing

Thursday November 9, 2017


School bus routing is a complicated process and intends to have a greater priority since it constitutes a vital role in ensuring student safety. Meanwhile, it demands proper planning and organization. Hence, it's high time for the parents to convince the gravity of the routing issue.

Ordinarily, the factors that should be considered while scheduling school bus routes include school bus capacity, the amount of riding hours spent by a student, and starting/ending time of schools.

Nevertheless, school bus routing is a prominent aspect in ensuring school bus safety. Presumably, school bus is the safest vehicle for ferrying school students. Moreover, you will definitely check for flashing lights, mirrors, high seat backs, readily detectable yellow paints, etc., which ensure additional safety for your children.

Notable facts on school buses

  • Millions of school buses exist all around the world


  • Each school bus eliminates approximately 36 cars on the road


  • School buses can prevent the utilization of 17 million cars on the road


  • A total of 346,666,660 car miles is saved by the school transportation

However, with the modern tracking apps, you will be able to monitor the school bus trip whenever you desire. In addition to this, you will also be able to procure data on the child's bus routing via the tracking apps. Based on these data, you can decide whether the school bus route is safe for your child or not. Apart from this, you will be able to receive real-time notification whenever there is a delay for the school bus transportation.

How to identify the safest bus stop near your residing location?

While deciding the bus stop, have a close consideration for the school bus safety. Consequently, an efficient school bus routing involves the procedure of determining the appropriate and safe bus stop for children, parents as well as drivers. Here follows certain tips for identifying the safest bus stop in your residing area:


  • Elude multi-lane roads
  • Try to avoid the bus route with railroad crossings
  • Select the bus stop that renders sufficient visibility for drivers and other road users
  • Choose the school bus routes with comparatively less traffic
  • Avoid the bus stops having the need to turn left hand side (it is a dangerous and risky task for school bus drivers)
  • Ignore the bus stops that require reversing of the school bus
  • Choose the bus stop near side stops in your residing area
  • Select the location with enough lighting during the early morning and early evening hours.

Recognize the merits of school bus routing software

Technology revolutionized the school bus transportation. As a responsible parent, it is your duty to recognize the latest features of school bus routing software. Here is a list of features that can be associated with the school bus routing software:


  • Permit different users to view, alter, and handle information
  • Automatically assign pick up and drop points of students
  • Plan school bus transportation
  • Route optimization and pick up point optimization
  • Obtain historical data of school bus routing
  • Generate annual maintenance data
  • Effortless installation procedure
  • Reports on daily pick up and drop
  • Setting up a calendar for each school
  • Ability to incorporate additional details on school bus routing maps


As a parent, your prime concern will be to safeguard your school kid from possible dangers. Hence, it is wise to acquire knowledge regarding the school bus routing concerns and the latest technologies that have been implemented in the school bus routing.

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