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School Bus Fleet Management Guide for the Transport Managers

Wednesday December 6, 2017


Safety first is safety always” – Charles M Hayes

School bus fleet management is essential since it has a key role in enhancing transportation efficiency and routing. But, how will you improve the fleet management? Why is it essential? Of course, you will have certain queries on school bus fleet management.

Lets' check out the solution regarding the fleet management of school buses:

School bus management solution

First and foremost, the school bus management solution is implemented in schools for ensuring the student safety. Wondering how it enhances student safety? With the support of modern technologies, you will obtain the real-time details regarding the students on a school bus. Nevertheless, it is one of the powerful transportation management tools, which provide information on routine operations of school transportation management.


  • Track the school bus location and manage pickups and drops efficiently
  • Oversee the school bus status, such as over speeding, sudden braking, vehicle engine on or off condition, AC on or off, fuel details, mileage details, etc.
  • Improve bus safety by regular monitoring, re-directing buses to alternative routes for avoiding hazards, creating Geo-fence, etc.
  • Manage expenses by lowering the fuel usage, monitor on-board engine diagnostics, automate driver time sheets, etc.
  • Generate MIS reports


  • Save time by avoiding long waits at the bus stop
  • Monitor the driver activities constantly
  • Optimize the school bus utilization
  • Handle emergency situations efficiently

What are the requirements of effective school bus fleet management?

You will be able to determine the success of transportation through cost management and benchmarking. No doubt, effective fleet management requires accuracy, organization, and operation efficiency. Meanwhile, by utilizing the school bus routing software, you will be able to accomplish routing efficiency with route optimization feature.

Moreover, with the assistance of a school bus GPS tracking software, you can examine whether drivers are able to fulfill their duties with minimal interruption or not. Hence, it is wise to install bus routing software and GPS tracking software for managing fleets efficiently.

Now, let's have a glimpse over the benefits of effective fleet management:

Efficient driver management

When drivers are provided with satisfactory work conditions, there is a chance for reducing significant employee turnover and, thereby, save significant expenses of the school management. Nevertheless, you can positively reinforce them by creating a feeling that what they commit is important (ferrying the precious cargo in the world), treating them impartially, attributing proper training to them, and ensuring that drivers are fully cognizant of real-time details.

Save fuel expenses

As far as school management is concerned, fuel costs is the dominant expenditure to consider. By utilizing the route optimization feature of a tracking software, you will be able to reduce fuel costs by choosing the most apt route for the school bus trip. Consequently, unnecessary wastage of fuel can be evaded.

Regular school bus maintenance

With the modern GPS trackers, you can conduct the school bus maintenance at the right time. At the same time, you will also be able to realize the mechanical requirements of the buses in your fleet promptly.

Ensure student safety

Of course, student safety is the prime concern of the school bus transportation. However, with the aid of a school bus tracking system, you will be able to track school bus, notify the estimated time of arrival, entry and exit time of students. Henceforth, you can ensure proper student safety.

As a matter of fact, effective school bus fleet management is not an impossible task , especially, with the modern technologies such as HD camera system, GPS trackers and bus routing software. Furthermore, by managing school bus fleets efficiently, students can relish a secure school bus transportation. 

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