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Keep Track of School Bus Drivers with School Bus Tracker

A school bus tracking software can be said to be effective only when your child’s safety is assured to the fullest. School bus drivers play a major role in the safety of school children. So, wouldn’t it be helpful if you get a chance to assess the performance of school bus drivers as well, apart from tracking the location of the school bus and the whereabouts of the school students?

Our School Bus Tracker software offers features that help school authorities to manage drivers in the following ways:


The school bus drivers are required to log in to the school bus tracking system when they start their duty. Once logged in, the attendance and work time of the drivers can be collected as data which will help in proper payment

Performance Evaluation

The actual performance of the employees as opposed to the scheduled plan can be analysed by using valuable data such as distance covered, speed, etc and can be used to spot side trips and other aberrations, which can be used to improve the performance of employees.


It is possible to track safety issues and in case of any trouble, drivers can be provided with proper assistance or replacement depending upon the situation. Also, it can update you about the maintenance requirements of the vehicles.


Along with the location of the bus, the driver’s activities can also be tracked, such as unscheduled stops, over speeding, etc.

Analysing the performance of the drivers can be of real benefit to the school management as it will help improve safety, streamline expenditure and enhance performance. Employ our GPS school bus tracker and have a great time managing your drivers and providing safety to your students.

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Keep Track of School Bus Drivers with School Bus Tracker
Rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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