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How School Administrators Can Support School Bus Drivers

Monday February 5, 2018


School bus drivers have a dominant role in ensuring a safe transportation for school kids. Nevertheless, you can witness a remarkable driver shortage among schools.

Hence, it is the responsibility of transportation managers and administration to formulate procedures that enable them to retain drivers on the payroll.

At times, you are required to implement drastic actions as it is a challenging task to replace a driver.

Here follows 15 ways by which school administrators can support school bus drivers:

1. Providing healthy salaries

Salary is an enormous issue for school bus drivers. No doubt, a majority of schools fails to provide the salary they deserve. As a consequence, it is wise to be aware of the salaries distributed by other schools and alter the pay scale accordingly.

If you are not competitive and is concerned regarding your budget, certainly you will lose a multitude of drivers.

2. Offer other employment opportunities

Of course, offering other employment opportunities is an efficient way to reinforce driver and commit their duty effectively. When you support them and provide assistance to pay off their bills, they will prefer to stay in the duty.

3. Remain flexible to their simple requests

Never attempt to ignore the interests and requests of drivers. On the other hand, when their simple request is neglected, they will not respect the school administration, which negatively affects the school’s morale and principles.

4. Rewarding facility

Offering reward is a positive reinforcement for every employee and it works for school bus drivers. However, when you reward drivers for outstanding performance, you are motivating them to continue the practice of safe and legal driving.

5. Concentrate on the school bus rules and student safety

When you manage students on the school bus, you are augmenting the credibility and reputation of the school. Moreover, you can organize presentations and awareness programs for reducing the disciplinary issues.

6. Conduct community outreach

By conducting community research, you will be able to inform the public regarding the exceptional performance of school bus drivers. It can serve as a motivation to drivers.

7. Planning celebrations and dinners

Entertainment is also essential along with the duty. People will be interested in their work, when you organize celebrations, parties, and dinners, once in a while. Such celebrations can serve as morale boosters.

8. Don’t underestimate their work

As a matter of fact, every job is unique and relevant. Never attempt to underestimate them and categorize them as second-tier employees.

For instance, you can consider their opinions and encourage their participation in every school activities.

9. Sponsor continuous learning for drivers

By sponsoring learning and training, you will be able to provide adequate guidance to school bus drivers. Furthermore, you can also partner with a local community college or refund college classes.

10. Display a sense of personal interest

Displaying a personal interest can be an effective solution to please them, you can send birthday or anniversary cards. While you consider them and include them in the family, they will be delighted and will never quit the job.

11. Clean the driver’s common room

When you spruce up the driver’s common room, a positive energy will be filled in the driver’s minds. A new coat of paint or placing new chairs will create a genuinely positive effect on the drivers.

12. Create a rapport

Meanwhile, when you prioritize the drivers, they will be elated and offer their valuable opinions on the dominant issues. By involving them in the issues, you are inculcating positive vibes in them, thereby increasing their morale.

13. Value the driver’s time

Time is having a crucial role in school bus driving as it is intensely a time focused job. A negative image will be created among school bus drivers when the school administrator itself become late in the meetings.

14. Remain with the driver’s side

Staying with the driver’s side is essential, especially, when the driver is having sufficient evidence against disciplinary issues. It is not desirable to unnecessarily side with the parents, who is not physically present in the scene of the violation.

15. Willingness to install modern technologies

Technology can provide an immense assistance to drivers, henceforth it is advisable to install the GPS trackers, CCTV cameras, and RFID trackers. This will not only enhance the school bus safety, but also offers a relaxation to drivers.

In conclusion, school administrators can reduce the job related challenges of school bus drivers. The above technologies will lower the rate of driver retention and enhance the safety of school transportation.

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