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5 Questions to Ask before Implementing Student GPS Tracking


Vehicle fleet management is a tough task for every organization relying on the transport of people, including schools. Whatever be the number of the school buses, there is a constant need for perfect organization and route planning to reduce student discomfort and parental anxiety. GPS based fleet management solutions render the definite answer to these woes.

However, there are certain questions to ponder over before you choose to install a GPS vehicle tracking system or Student GPS Tracking in school buses.

1. Is student safety a priority concern for you?

Schools are supposed to provide a safer environment for students to learn. School bus safety is an integral part of that safe environmentSchool bus GPS tracking systems are being implemented due to legal requirements and concerned parents. But, even before those reasons come into the picture, there is an inherent priority to install GPS trackers in school buses especially due to humanitarian and moral issues. 

2. Do you need a cost effective solution for vehicle fleet management?

The budget for each school to implement an effective solution would definitely vary. For this reason, you should consider the number of vehicles, data base needed (e.g. up to street level), additional facilities required, such SMS or PUSH notification facilities, etc. It should be decided whether all the features offered in a system is actually useful for you. There are advanced systems which even offer guided voice directions to make school bus trips less cumbersome for bus drivers and attendants.. 

3. What are the gains of implementing student GPS tracking system?

You need to be clear about the potential gains of installing a vehicle tracker in the school buses before you start out on a GPS tracking system. Is it truly worth the cost and effort? Does it provide what it promises to offer? You should also consider getting a detailed demo run so that you will be able to understand the functioning of the system.

4. Will the GPS tracking system make the fleet management easier?

Fleet management involves managing vehicles and personnel available. It also constitutes route planning, route optimization, personnel management, asset tracking, vehicle maintenance, report generation, fuel management, etc.

You should be aware of how the given system makes these tasks easier for you. It can be by means of smart software including apps and desktop software.

5. Will I regret for not implementing the fleet management solution for the school buses?

The last thing is whether you will regret not implementing the system for your fleet business or not. Ask about the kind of support offered for the software. Also referring to a few of the software provider’s existing clients can help understand the product quality and service over a period of time.

Installing GPS vehicle tracking system in buses.can be a welcome move to reduce the anxiety of parents in a busy world. By doing so, you are making an effort to frame the world a little bit safer for the school children.

There are a number of additional advantages as well with the support of a vehicle fleet management system– fuel savings by auto route optimization, scheduling and planning, less pollution, better emergency response, and more.

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