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Issues Faced by School Bus Fleet Managers [Infographics]

Thursday December 15, 2016



With the increased traffic and unsafe conditions, the school bus transportation became difficult. Road related accidents and injuries are increasing day by day due to the increased number of vehicles on the road. Students are more exposed to accidents as they are unaware of essential safety rules and safety measures. Hence, student road safety has been at stake ever since.

School bus fleet managers are said to be the caretaker of students on a school bus. Their prime responsibility is the safety of school bus students. Apart from this, there are so many important responsibilities that should be fulfilled by a fleet manager. 

Often, you will be able to see fleet managers finding difficulty in organising pick up point location of each school bus student, conducting maintenance and repair, contacting every school bus driver, checking the status of school buses, attending to emergency situations, and managing complaints of parents.

Lack of communication and improper monitoring of a school bus makes the task of school bus fleet managers risky and complex. Fleet managers need to organise and plan school bus schedules properly for smooth functioning of school bus transportation. When you analyze school bus transportation closely, you will be able to identify certain common issues faced by a fleet manager.


Issues Faced by School Bus Fleet Managers


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