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Precautionary Measures for Student Road Safety


Student road safety has become one of the major issues in schools, especially those in the urban areas. Schools are no more an old building isolated away from the towns and cities, with rapid urbanization; they are more likely to be situated in the middle of the busy mayhem of the city

Whichever be the means of travel, student as well as parents need to ensure and address the concerns of student road safety. Precautionary as well as preventive measures implemented at the right time can ensure that with ease. 

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1. Educating student road safety lessons  

Regular age appropriate safety lessons on traffic rules along with child centric activities implemented through schools or day care centers can be the first step in ensuring student road safety. Such lessons can be customized to suit the needs of the city or suburbs and taught either as part of the curriculum or as separate safety lessons

2. Seeking help of the Police forces or Cadets during peak traffic timings

Morning rushes and haste can be a threat to student road safety. Nevertheless, it can be avoided with the help of the Police and other services. NCC cadets, Scouts and Guides can also assist in the process of ensuring student road safety during these times. Student volunteers can ensure the safety by learning important traffic rules and lessons, which will help them in the long run. 

3. Implementing and ensuring traffic rules are followed

Awareness can be spread among students, not only to educate them on student road safety, but also to ensure their parents follow the rules. Most of the time, parents while dropping children at schools, fail to adhere to the traffic rules and this can add to chaos and accidents. Children's awareness about student road safety and traffic rules can curb such inappropriate and hazardous behavior among parents. 

4. Installing appropriate traffic signs or intimating to authorities about the need of such signs

Even a simple signboard with “school ahead, go slow” can slow the motorists, but only if the sign is in their visionary field. Misplaced or hidden sign boards might fail to meet their purpose. School authorities can take precautionary measures and keep a vigil on the signs nearby to ensure student road safety.

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5. Organizing traffic rule awareness programs in the locality 

Suburbs tend to have traffic, especially during the morning hours and absence of police vigil might lead to neglectful driving. Awareness rallies or programs conducted among the locals can help to reinforce the vigil and assure their participation in implementing road safety. Regular programs and checks by governmental agencies, mock drills, etc. can also help in the process. However, the best ones might be those involving active participation of the student community.

6. Training of students on first aid and other life saving measures.

Older students can be trained to give emergency first aid and other life saving measures such as cardio pulmonary resuscitation in order to save the victims in case of accidents. Such training can help in saving many lives. Proper medical care provided at the right time can also ensure fewer complications in treatment regimen. 

7. Regular check and monitoring of school buses

Authorities should take necessary measures to keep the school buses in proper condition. Students can have hassle free travels and therefore parents will more likely to send their wards by school buses. This can ensure less traffic in the school vicinity during morning rushes and therefore less trouble for the authorities. 

Prevention is always better than cure, not only in terms of cost, but also in the trouble and care needed at later stages. Safety lessons should therefore be taught as early as possible along with the help of parents and community as a whole for successful implementation of student road safety. 

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Precautionary Measures for Student Road Safety
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