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Is Road Safety Education Necessary for Children

Tuesday March 14, 2017



Are road safety awareness programs only for the age groups above 18? It might seem natural to implement lessons for that age group since it provides assistance to people  behind the wheels. However, such lessons should be given from a much younger age considering the present circumstances. Such lessons are needed because of many reasons.

1.Children being more independent

The need for such road safety awareness for children often stems from the single major fact kid's level of intelligence, coupled with their independence had given them access to motor vehicles at a far younger age than it used to be in the past. This has in turn resulted in a greater need of safety  lessons to be taught from a much earlier age than the prescribed minimal age for driving. Such lessons make children aware of the legal implications for driving without a license as well as the hazards of dangerous driving. These lessons also teach them about road safety measures while being a pedestrian.

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2. Rise in the number of working parents

It is common for both the parents to be working. ASO, the transport needs of their children are usually met by private or public transport facilities. Older children and teenagers resort to the use of two-wheelers such as bicycles. For them, awareness lessons taught properly can reduce the risk of untoward incidents on the road.

3.Increased number of single parents

As a result of increased number of divorced or single parents, children are often forced to be independent in school transportation. Road safety lessons, taught along with the curriculum can, therefore, help them to be safer and to grow as law abiding citizens in future.

4. Access to vehicles

Easy access to gadgets and technology can also mean easy access to vehicles. Teenagers are often attracted to racing bikes. Passion for such risky sports without a legal permit can, therefore, force them to adhere to illegal racing stunts often without much safety precautions. Road safety awareness programs can be implemented along with the traffic personnel which can curb such illegal practices and emphasizes the need for protective gears and proper precautionary measures.

5. Kids learn fast

Road safety  lessons taught at the proper age and manner can bring drastic changes in their lives. If properly taught from a young age, this can result in a future generation driving sensibly and abiding the laws. These safety lessons can, therefore, be considered as life skills needed for ethical driving for the society as a whole.

6. Children use the roads

Yes, road safety lessons are needed for children just because they also use the roads. It is their right to be aware of the safety measures provided by their parents and school authorities. Such lessons can help them to avoid dangerous situations while on the roads. Last, but not least is the greatest peace and happiness of the parents as they are being proud of their sensible and knowledgeable kids.

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7. Children learn from their parents and elders

With traffic violations being on the rise, children might tend to think that it is normal practice. For example, as more and more young generation avoid wearing helmet while riding two wheelers for convenience or fashion, kids might tend to believe that helmet is not necessary for being safe while riding. Such wrong beliefs can be difficult to change and can invite unwanted risks.

8. Kids lack the ability to accurately judge distance and speed

Children lack the sense to accurately judge distances and speeds like adults. Such miscalculations can often result in rush hour decisions at crucial times; for example, while crossing the road. Such situations can prove fatal if the crossing lacks a traffic signal and in the absence of traffic personnel. Road safety education can help children to be cautious in such situations and help them to make decisions appropriately and safely.

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