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Integration with School ERP

Worried about existing school data migration?

TrackSchoolBus software offers enough flexibility to be easily integrated with your school’s existing ERP.


  • School can access TrackSchoolBus in their existing system itself and view bus trip details, bus attendance, real time bus tracking etc
  • Secure data migration from existing software with backup and restore facility
  • Manage all data conveniently in a single, central database
  • Integration process will not affect existing software’s daily processing
  • Schools do not need to hire extra human resource to manage TrackSchoolBus. Existing resource can be easily trained to handle the software as it is user-friendly


  • Ease of customization
  • Data security and backup
  • User friendly interface
  • Energy and money saving
  • Secure implementation

How does it work?

  • Our technical team discusses with school’s software supporting team.
  • Provides software, instructions and guidelines for school’s software supporting team regarding TrackSchoolBus integration and implementation.
  • Under guidance the new software can be easily integrated to the existing system.
  • The system will be live after integration.

We have indigenously developed methods for data migration as part of our implementation plan. There is a specific method of integration with existing software.

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