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Importance of Student Road Safety Education

Wednesday September 28, 2016



Road safety education is very much essential in today’s world as road traffic is becoming increasingly busy. Years ago, it was safe for your child to travel on the road without a care, but things have changed since then. Now there are more cars, scooters, motorbikes, buses etc. on the road.

Most of the educational institutions now organize road safety education for improving student road safety. This will contain educational activities that help you to gain more knowledge about road safety.

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You should give appropriate education regarding student road safety to children as well as young ones to let them be aware about road safety and the importance of learning it. Just like other social things, road safety education is necessary and it should be started right from  your kid’s childhood.

How can you give road safety education effectively?

As a parent, you will always try to wrap your children in your arms and take them away from all risky situations. By providing proper road safety education, you will be able to protect your child away from dangers caused by road accidents. You can give them certain facts, show the possible dangers and risks involved, explain ways to keep them safe and develop their skills in understanding consequences.

There are many interesting ways by which you can teach your children about road safety. You can create a traffic environment for your children, allow them to ride their own bikes or scooters and learn the rules of the road. Also, you can organize classes taken by police officials to make your children be aware of basic road safety rules.

“You are never too young to learn”

You may be well aware of road safety programs, but do you know how important it is to your life? Let’s check it out:

  • In most of the foreign countries, road safety education is considered as a necessary education. It will be better, if you provide basic road safety education by bringing it to early childhood, primary and secondary schools
  • Your children will get an overall idea about the principles of crossing road, importance of helmets, how to use zebra crossings and awareness of basic safety rules. Through this education, you will be provided with knowledge and awareness about the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and passengers
  • Education on student road safety can encourage you to take necessary action that will make your children safe, secure and thereby help them to have awareness about road safety.  In road safety education, you have a vital role to play in forming and developing various skills related to road safety

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  • You will be able to know about your child’s developmental skill and ability to distinguish between passenger, pedestrian, low traffic and heavy traffic. As a parent, your participation in safety programs can make it more effective and successful
  • As a parent, your role will have a great significance in safety programs. You can become a good role model to your children by wearing a seat belt while driving, reducing unnecessary speeding, avoiding  careless driving, taking care of other passengers and pedestrians. This can have a positive impact on child’s mind as they can follow you easily and thus get adequate supervision on road
  • By conducting safety programs, you will not only be able to create awareness among the younger ones, but also among elders about the traffic strategies
  • With the safety programs, you can reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by road accidents. Involvement of road safety professionals helps you to better plan and support road safety programs and provide proper training to your children. For creating better awareness, you can seek the aid of internet facility

Consequences and Solutions to Consider:

Road accidents are the leading cause of death and hospitalisation in today’s world. It’s not unusual that your children become the victim of road related injuries. You will be able to solve this issue by providing proper road safety education to your children. Also, you should learn to use road responsibly and make your children be aware of the road system from an early age.

Road safety education plays a vital role in shaping the attitude and behavior of children as well as young people, thereby ensuring that they become a responsible driver, passenger, pedestrian, and cyclist.

Help your child to be a safer road user

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