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How to Identify the Best Route Planning Software for Your School Bus Fleet

Thursday November 30, 2017


One of the key challenges confronted by the school transportation services is the rising fuel expenses. By optimizing routes for the school bus trip, you will be able to handle the issue. In fact, the implementation of route planning software enables you to resolve the routing concerns of school bus fleets.

Nevertheless, scheduling and coordinating routes manually is an expensive, tedious and complicated task. With the utilization of school bus routing software, school transportation will be able to accomplish the goals dexterously.

How to select the appropriate route planning software?

Of course there is a multitude of options on the market, especially for purchasing the transportation software. However, the selection process involves prodigious procedures. Have a glimpse of the common considerations that should be scrutinized while choosing the route planning software:

Is the software compatible with other kinds of software?

Ordinarily, the efficient operation of a routing software depends on its compatibility with other software programs, which comprise  the GPS vehicle tracking programs, student tracking programs, and student information systems. Moreover, it assists you to save money and time along with the student safety.

At times, route management software is a  game changer for school transportation. But, it is essential to be aware of current trends, and thus incorporating up-to-date technology can be beneficial for you. And, updating the software can lower the expenses, save time, and reduce hassle.

Essential features of route planning software

Routing software will be designed on the basis of number of users, the size of your district, and the complication of your school bus routes. Presumably, the modern routing software encompasses detailed area maps that enables you to add new roads, pick up points, and travel limits. And, if the routing software you are utilizing can not compare the multiple routes based on your requirement, then it's time to upgrade it. Other crucial features include:

  • Allocating pick up points for school bus students based on user specification (walk-to-stop distances)
  • Considering right sided pickups
  • Options for setting pick-up and drop location
  • Bus pass creation
  • Calendar settings
  • Store bus routing details for generating reports
  • Identify sex offender areas and avoid those areas in routing
  • Customization options

Training and support

The routing software will be futile, if you don't have an awareness on how to operate or utilize it. While choosing the provider, examine the type of training provided, and how it satisfies the needs of your staff. Two types of training are exclusively available for you- web based training and in-person training. And, ensure that the software provider gives constant support for maintenance.


Based on the data obtained from the software, you will be able to generate accurate and comprehensive reports. Certain software can also generate reports with the historical data. And, school transportation officials will be able to carefully analyse it and enhance the school bus routing.

As a matter of fact, by choosing the suitable route planning software, the overall school transport service will be improved as it solve all the discrepancies involved in the school bus routing.

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