How School Bus Drivers Are Affected By Corona Virus


As all of us know, the world is gripped by fear due to the outbreak of corona virus. It is one of the deadliest pandemics the world has ever witnessed.


The spread of novel corona virus and lock downs have adverse effects on the lives of people globally.

All educational institutions are closed, affecting the lives of many including students, teachers and non-teaching staffs- such as school bus drivers.

Since there are scenarios for teachers to teach and students to learn through online apps, it is a bit relief that sources of income for teachers will not be hindered. But the hardest struggles will be faced by non-teaching staffs like school bus drivers.

Let’s see How School Bus Drivers are Coping with the Situation:

Transport providers and school bus drivers have witnessed a plummet during lock down days coping with their nickels and dimes as they are in a state of dilemma.

The only source of income for school bus drivers are from plying students to and from schools. And only 35% of drivers are engaged in part time jobs.

As all educational institutions are in a state of lock down, school bus drivers are not able to do their usual trips. It means the sources of income for them are closed for a while. Thus leading a hard time for school bus drivers to meet their daily family needs.

Though there are many school authorities who will continue to pay them despite they are unable to work because of the corona virus outbreak.

What School Bus Drivers are Saying

Let’s know from school bus drivers, about how they are killing their time during lock down;

Tony Davis says ,” I’m nursing my dog back to health, taking a diabetes prevention class, doing tai chi class online, and sending way too much time on FB

Kim Peters says, Calling friends, family, and coworkers. Cooking, painting landscapes, reading, walking around the block, video games with teens, movies with hubby…

Kristy Van Es says, Sewing, riding my horse, detailing house, painting the inside of the house and a long list of to dos that I haven’t had time for

So these are some among the comments from the personal lives of school bus drivers.

Most of the people use their time in a beneficial way by doing pending works that they have been thriving to do for years.

Some of them are engaged in online games, spending time on facebook, watching movies in Netflix etc.

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Some Others are Delivering Foods to Students.

We have a lot of families that may not have the gas money to receive the proper nutrition for their children,” Ryan Carpenter, the superintendent of the Estacada School District, tells TIME. So the schools would bring the meals to them.

Some of the schools established food service delivery programs with a few teachers and they prepare breakfast and lunches for students. School bus drivers deliver that food to the students in usual routes.

As we have understood, financial crisis is one of the major issues faced by school bus drivers during this corona and lock down period, let’s know what other issues they are coping up with.

Many of the school bus drivers are driving the buses for years and now they pass through a period of mental depression, by missing the regular hustle and bustle of students.

The drivers fear about the bus maintenance that will follow after the lock down, as these buses stay idle during lock down periods. Batteries of the buses are getting weak, rusting of window lines etc are some of the other problems they fear about in the real vicinity.

As we read earlier, some school bus drivers are engaged in part-time jobs, during these lock down days, they are deprived to do those too. Some drivers are engaged in driving other vehicles, food and stationery delivering etc.

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Thus we have understood this time is a hardship for all people, so as for the drivers too. The stress faced during this period is innumerable.

Let’s hope for a better world, and this time will pass too. School bus drivers will overcome all the hardships they behold.

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