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Top 10 School Bus Tracking Apps in 2018

Wednesday July 4, 2018


It is quite natural that parents would like to know where the school bus of their kids is when they are waiting with their kids. It would be great if they were capable to know where the respective school bus is. School bus tracking app can sort out this issue. 

With this, they can also get the estimated arrival time of the bus; get notifications about the late arrival of the bus, and the alerts if an emergency exists. Parents can also confirm about their kid’s safety.

Here is the list of top 10 school bus tracking apps in 2018 through which the administrators, students, and parents are greatly benefitted.

1. TrackSchoolBus

This is one of the best school bus tracking applications, providing school administrators and parents with an extensive range of features. It allows school administrators to monitor their bus routes, communicate with parents, manage buses and routes through a control panel, and an arrangement for transmitting push warnings to parents during emergencies.

The software also allows parents to see real-time locations of school bus, thus, they will know the probable arrival time of the bus.

2. Treker

This is a real-time message platform for parents, bus drivers and school administrators. It provides parents, bus drivers and school administrators with the comprehensive information. Each group has a diverse tool to monitor buses and students.

Parents can make out the arrival of school bus, whether their kids are on the bus, and the time they board and exit their school bus. They will also get push announcements on starting time as well as the arrival time of bus.

3. Here Comes the Bus

This is the most admired school bus tracking platform offering real-time location, scheduled time, and actual arrival time of the school bus to parents. This app comes with basic software, known as Here Comes the Bus and student tracking app, known as Student Ridership.

While the former allows parents to view the real-time place of the bus of their kids on a map, the latter confirms whether their kids have boarded and exited from their school bus.

4. TripSpark Education

This School Bus Tracking app offers calendar-based scheduling and routing of school bus based on the calendar. It is an efficient app, which comes with the GPS tracking of each school bus in the fleet.

Additionally parents and school administrators can monitor the real-time location of the students while they are traveling through Radio-frequency identification tracking cards. The app can consider if a student is ill, or on a holiday, and can postpone the service for the specific period.

5. UbicaBus

The UbicaBus school bus tracking software comes with some original and unusual features. It comes equipped with individual features for parents, school administrators, and students.

Parents of the kids can track school buses in real-time and they will be informed about the arriving of the school bus, drop-offs, as well as school announcements. Parents can also watch routes and they will be informed through push notifications in case of any crisis.

It aids school administrators to track their school bus through GPS and plan the bus route in terms of distance and time. The app also comes with other features such as timesheets, attendance tracking, and video observation as each school bus can be outfitted with a maximum of eight cameras. The software allows students to use  internet while traveling, as each school bus can be equipped with a Wi-Fi router.  

6. School Bus Tracker

School Bus Tracker is a school bus location sharing solution that comes equipped with many beneficial features. The major highlight of this school bus tracking software is that it allows both school administrators and parents to track the school bus location.

It is accessible in Tablets and mobile phones, so parents can track buses from their Smartphone, tablet, or computer. Another beneficial feature of this app is that it allows parents to ask for a route change or change of the arrival time of school bus.

7. Durham Bus Tracker

This school bus tracking software aids school administrators and parents considerably in tracking school  buses, monitoring the routes, tracking kids getting in and getting out of the bus, and much more. It also allows parents to spot real-time location of the bus and its expected arrival time. Parents will be duly informed about the late running of the bus through notifications and they will have their own list, containing the routes of every school bus in which their kids are traveling.

8. BusWhere

This is simple to use and easy to install. The smart route recognition feature of the app allows tracking buses automatically even while they go between routes. It offers parents detailed information about routes and buses, all of which can be viewed on a map. Parents get notifications once the school bus is approaching near their stop.

9. Yellow Live

This is the most popular tracking software that allows parents to find the real-time location of school bus and expected arrival time of school bus. The app offers parents the option to drop their kids to the next bus stop if they were unable to make their kids board the bus at their usual bus stop.

As the software comes incorporated with the Radio-frequency identification feature, it allows parents to know about the late arrival of the bus, route changes, as well as to track attendance.

10. ADCC Smart School Bus Tracking

This school bus tracking software allows parents to notice the school bus route of their kids, to see the details of the bus and its driver, and to receive notifications on departure and arrival of the school bus.

The in-built surveillance system of the software allows school administrators to get automated notifications if the driver violates speed regulations. It also allows them to know the real-time places of whole bus fleet as well as route scheduling on a map.

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Top 10 School Bus Tracking Apps in 2018
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