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How can School Bus Transportation Promote Education

Tuesday May 17, 2016



School bus transportation provides safe and environment friendly journey to millions of children daily around the world. It is said to be the most regulated and carefully designed transportation vehicles operating in today's world. And it provides the safest transportation of getting students to and from school.

It is widely known that there are more number of school buses than any other type of vehicles. Every school bus reduces traffic by 36 cars. But unfortunately most of the children travel by their individual private vehicles. It supports academic achievement with access to a variety of educational opportunities.

Based on the survey, it is found that students are more likely to arrive at school alive if they take the school bus rather than take a car or ride with friends. It is designed specifically to protect students with several safety measures attached to it.

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Importance of School Buses:

School bus transportation has become an integral part of the educational system. By promoting greater use of school buses, some of the environmental problems can be easily solved. Convenience and cost savings are the major benefits of using school bus transportation services.

Certain students are having access to educational system only by means of school buses. Without school bus, educational opportunities will be risky for such students.

Why Ride the School Bus?

  • Help the Environment

Rate of pollution is decreased with the help of school buses. Fuel costs and traffic are significantly reduced using school buses.

  • Gateway to Education

All students have equal access to education and its opportunities. Also, it satisfies various kinds of parental needs.

  • Keep Kids Safe

We all know that school bus is the safest vehicle for kids. Kids are safer with the help of dedicated professionals available in the school.

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Environmental Benefits offered by School Bus

  1. Money

Parents can receive economic benefits if they allow their children to travel by school bus. With the rise in the price of gas, you can save money by avoiding the fuel costs, which may otherwise spend on child's travel to and from school. Those saved money can be used for other things and also enables to save money for emergencies.

  1. Fuel Consumption

School bus drivers never accelerate and brake aggressively. When they are accelerating, it is better to use the torque of the diesel engines. Also, they closely follow speed limits which thereby reduces fuel consumption.

  1. Pollution

School bus can prevent many individual cars that may otherwise run on the road. Pollution caused by those cars can adversely affect the environment greatly. Hence, by using buses, pollution caused by cars can be significantly reduced and make the air cleaner.

Car pooling to school manages unnecessary idling of vehicles, higher emissions, wastage of fuel and money, and safety concerns.

Reasons Why Parents Consider School Bus Transportation as Ideal One:

  • They believe school bus as the most reliable form of transportation and it enables the students to have easy access to the educational system

  • Able to get benefits like convenience and cost savings

  • Student achievement of millions of children would be declined if bus services are ceased

  • Students would be absent more often if there are no proper school bus transportation services

Obviously,school bus transportation is a gateway to education. Each and every parent need their children to stay in school. They all deserve an education. If the school bus is at risk, then opportunity for children to access education is also at risk.

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