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How GPS Tracking Can Influence a School’s Reputation

Tuesday March 10, 2015


Parents always want their children to be admitted to the most reputed ones. Most schools put forward eye-catching curriculums, infrastructure and even hire the most technically qualified faculties each year to attract parents and children.

But is that enough?

Parents are now looking for schools that can provide more. Here comes the role of GPS tracking systems to help schools to raise their reputations to a whole new level.

A quality GPS tracking system can help schools in a number of ways. The primary reason being the additional safety and security it provides for students both on and off the campus.

From keeping track of a student’s or a school bus’ location to knowing the fuel efficiency for trips, GPS tracking systems are more than useful. They help reduce fuel consumption, thereby providing profit to schools and fleet companies.

A GPS tracking system can be used by schools to instigate confidence in parents, who are worried about their children’s safety.

But how can such a technology help build a school’s reputation?

Here it is…

1. As said before, the GPS tracking system can give complete visibility of the fleet and children. This helps the school to directly monitor the driver as well as its students. The school can check if the buses follow the routes that have been allotted to them, thereby keeping an eye on the driver.

Moreover, the drivers can also communicate with the school authority. This could come in handy in case of misbehaviour by children. A student’s discipline directly influences the reputation of a school.

The society sees him as the upholder of the ethics and virtues of the school to which he belongs to. This makes monitoring them very important.

2. It can also help schools to build their reputation among parents. This can be done by addressing the key concerns raised by them and the greatest one being student safety.

A GPS tracker along with an RFID card can help parents and schools to keep an eye on their children. The data provided is in real-time, which makes GPS highly reliable.

3. A GPS tracking system makes the school buses environment-friendly. Considerable reduction in pollution helps the school to be socially accepted as it is a service to the society.

4. It also helps build trust with the drivers. Besides tracking, a school bus tracking system helps in the documentation. It stores data such as driver work hours. This helps to maintain transparency.

Using a GPS tracking system also reduces the requirement of a dedicated resource for documentation. As the process takes place in real-time, it becomes a lot faster too.

5. It helps to track and reduce fuel costs of school bus fleets by keeping a track record of mileage and routes that driver takes. Not only this, transport managers can monitor driver’s behaviour while riding the bus and can ensure that they are on their scheduled route at the scheduled time. This will also reduce the risk of accidents.

6. This helps schools in improving scheduling for students by keeping a track of when the school bus will arrive and depart. With this school authorities can create schedules for their students more effectively. This will result in better time management.

7. Using GPS tracking technology, school authorities can maintain a detailed, efficient and accurate track record of all the essential details of school bus fleet and students. This helps the authorities to manage the school bus fleet in a well and an effective manner along with ensuring student safety.

8. With the help of GPS tracking technology, abduction of children can be avoided to an extreme level.  As it is integrated with RFID cards which they have to swipe while boarding and deboarding the bus and when they swipe it, school authorities and parents will get the notification.

Not only this, both the school authorities as well as the parents track whether the bus is travelling in the scheduled route or not.

9. Implementing GPS tracking system in school buses will be a great move for every school. As in case of any emergencies such as traffic block or any mishaps in the route, school authorities will get notification which helps them to take the necessary step to tackle the issue.

10. It will help to perform regular maintenance of school bus fleets as it sends regular reports regarding fleets to concerned persons. And also helps to know if the fleet is ready to use or not.

The reports can be customized so that the transport managers can schedule the maintenance easily.

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