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Govt Grants Approval for Special-Needs Children’s School Bus Safety Rules

Thursday September 29, 2016



The parents of a special needs student, Hun JoonLee, who died after being left alone on a school bus thanked California Governor, Jerry Brown, for signing off a legislation in relation to equipping alarm system on school buses, that ensures passengers are not forgotten.

 Hun Joon Lee's mother considers it as a blessing for the Governor to sign the bill that enables children who ride school buses to reach their destination safely. 

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Armando Abel Ramirez, Lee's school bus driver, failed to check the bus after dropping off students in the morning and locked it in the bus yard exposed to summer heat. He was charged for this serious crime.

According to the bill, proposed by Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia), all school buses in California should be equipped with child safety alarms. When the bus is turned off, alarm system generates a noise and driver needs to put off the system which ensures that the vehicle is being checked.

The Bill also requires drivers to receive training in carrying out child-safety check procedures.

Mendoza assures that “The Paul Lee School Bus Safety Law” protect every child to and from school everyday thereby putting an end to parent's misery regarding safety of their children.


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