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Ridiculous: 700 School Buses for 2500 Schools in Amritsar!


An official of the district's transport office confirmed that there exists only 700 school buses for 2500 schools in Amritsar. According to a source in the transport office, it was informed that among 10,000 school buses, only 700 of them are plying legally.

There are 1000 private schools among the total 2500. Also, the source added that without the involvement of police, education department and district transport office, no vehicle could run illegally. 

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"Normally, many transporters purchase Army's condemned vehicles, repair and paint them yellow, and then use them as school vans," said the source.

It was found that a large number of auto rickshaws have been overloaded with school children in all cities of Punjab. There were just 700 school buses registered with the office, confirmed Amritsar district transport officer (DTO), Lovejeet Kalsi.

"These buses comply with safety norms and are not older than 15 years," Kalsi said. 

Kalsi confiscated 11 vehicles for violating norms of carrying school children. She had written letters to private schools and asked for reports related to vehicle safety.  She mentioned that Chief Judicial Magistrate would take strict action against confiscating vehicles.


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Ridiculous: 700 School Buses for 2500 Schools in Amritsar!
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