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Common Risks in Fleet Management

Sunday February 19, 2017



School bus fleet management is an important part of the functioning of a school, just like its other aspects. Most schools have a fleet manager to take care of the school bus fleet. He also plans and assigns school bus routes. Though the job sounds easy, it really isn’t. There are many risks that come along with it, landing the fleet managers and school authorities in deep trouble.

Here is a list of such risks that accompany fleet management:

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  • Huge financial loss 

It is really expensive to buy a brand new school bus. Hence, there will be a huge financial loss, if the school bus meets with an accident or breakdown. It will have the same effect if a school bus is stolen. You need to spend a huge amount of money for repairs and maintenance of school bus.

  • Paying worker’s compensation

If the driver gets injured while performing his duty, school management is responsible to pay worker's compensation claims at the right time without much delay. Otherwise, it may lead to the bad reputation of the school. 

  • School having to face the court if any other person is injured

There will be so many legal formalities once you are trapped in accident cases. In the case of school bus accidents, the complete responsibility will be on the school authority. They will have to face all the consequences as per the court orders.

  • Risk of school’s reputation stooping low 

There will be so many complaints against the school management once it gets involved in any accident cases. Often people claim the authority for mismanagement of the school bus fleet and not seriously considering about school bus safety.

  • Risk of losing money 

Due to improper behavior from driver, school management needs to spend quite a large amount of money as compensation. This is an unnecessary expense for school authorities.

  • What can be done?

There are a few steps that can be taken to escape the risks related to school bus fleet management. Those who manage the school bus fleet must give attention to every set of risk related to every school bus and take proper measures to manage them.

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  • But how to do that remains a question.

You have to integrate technology to your school bus fleet management to manage these risks to the maximum. The best solution is School Bus Tracking Software.

Integrated with GPS technology, the School Bus Tracking Software provides you with a whole lot of advantages.

Majority of schools have to incur a financial loss due to unsafe driving practices. With the help of School Bus Tracking Software, you can track the performance of school bus drivers. The software can keep you informed about instances of over speeding, unscheduled bus stops etc., apart from the location of the school bus.

Sometimes, drivers may misuse school buses for unnecessary driving. Since School Bus Tracking Software has GPS integrated into it, you can easily track the school bus location and avoid such circumstances.

In case of a vehicle breakdown, you can get notified at the earliest with the help of the software. This can help you to provide assistance within a short amount of time.

School bus fleet management is one of the risky businesses to handle. People often criticize school authorities even though it is not their fault. All you can do is to be aware of the above mentioned risks and handle it wisely.  Providing a comprehensive driver training can be a great idea for efficient school bus fleet management. Also, keep in mind that student safety is all that matters.

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