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RFID Helps Improve Fleet Efficiency and Productivity

Today, thousands of companies around the world use RFID in a variety of ways. This technology has found applications in railcar trucking, livestock tracking, product identification, weigh station management, and other fields in ways we wouldn’t have imagined a couple of years ago. Perhaps, one of the most popular and practical application of RFID technology is in improving fleet efficiency and productivity.

RFID tags and antennas can be read at long distances and increasingly faster vehicle speeds. These qualities help enhance safety and efficiency, while also making it easier to manage drivers.

A few benefits of RFID include:

  • Vehicles can be monitored and located within the RFID equipped zone
  • Facility to access logs of previous maintenance work
  • Utilization of labor pool and improved equipment
  • Automated inventory management and spare parts procurement
  • Coordination of preventative maintenance in an accurate manner
  • Improvement in tire maintenance

Increasing productivity

RFID improves the efficiency of business processes when real-time information is available and the risk of errors associated with the business activities is less. RFID helps businesses increase their productivity in a lot of ways. The following facts act as the basis of RFID system’s cost savings:

  • Productivity can be increased by an RFID system as there is less monitoring and information can be handled accurately.
  •  Information added from the supply networks by RFID system helps you to respond to varied circumstances easily
  • Data can be read easily without any human interference
  • RFID systems has high reliability and visibility thereby making the business activities more efficient

RFID is used in a variety of fields including supply chain management, vehicle tracking, interactive marketing etc. For example, RFID school bus tracking provides real-time location information of children who travel by school bus. It ensures safety of students by tracking a signal emitting device placed in the school bus. The RFID reader placed at the entrance of each bus will read the RFID tag of each child and sent notifications to parents at timely interva

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RFID Helps Improve Fleet Efficiency and Productivity
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