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Can Social Media Promote Road Safety Education?

Tuesday April 4, 2017



Today, road safety education is one of the key challenges in human and fiscal developments. Most of the youngsters ageing from 15 to 29 die due to road related accidents. And it is expected that road crashes will soon become the world's seventh leading cause of death.

In the past, there were no sufficient resources for the government to make people understand about the importance of road safety education. The non availability of resources has been a major problem for both low income and middle income countries. It is not the government alone getting the benefit from decreasing road related accidents. 

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Two key benefits enjoyed by businesses through safer roads are an improved global supply chain performance and enhanced employee health and safety. Road safety education will be far more effective when you give it via online as you can reach a wide range of audience. Hence, social media is an excellent platform for promoting road safety education.

Role of social media in promoting road safety education

Social networks are the best platform for increasing public engagement and promoting positive behaviour on the roads. It is predicted that almost all countries around the world will use social networks for promotion within the year 2018.

With the help of social media, you will be able to interact with consumers frequently. Mainly through mobile phones in your pocket and also other internet connected devices. This is far more effective than promoting government campaigns in a traditional manner. A wide range of audience from different communities, language, culture, etc. can actively participate in open discussions via social media. This will highlight the significance of the road safety issue.

According to psychologists, if a person finds out that another person of a distinct behaviour shares the same opinion as his, then that personal beliefs are said to be strengthened. Hence, when you share a post against dangerous driving, your colleagues as well as friends will obviously adopt these values and beliefs.

An effective social media post will persuade a consumer in such a way that mere listening of a message will be later turned into a desired behaviour or habit. Social media is a powerful tool to instigate publicity which creates awareness as well changes individual opinions.

Effect of social media on road safety

Using social media you will be able to work together with government on road safety and identify the best solutions for issues that thwart road safety. In this fast-paced life, even a hashtag or a shared post can influence millions of lives. The implication of road safety campaigns is better realised, via social media platforms. 

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Today there are so many opportunities in Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media to share your opinions. The target audience varies based on the type of social media. In the case of Linkedin, the target audience are professionals. But this is not the case of Facebook, there will be professionals, students, and the general public. For a social media such as Instagram, you can share pics and videos related to road safety to a wide range of audience.

Road safety is a key issue for everyone, which needs to be solved almost immediately. Social media is one of the main media by which road safety is put into the limelight by experts. You can reach a larger audience and persuade them to follow safe behaviour. Things will be a lot easier if you possess an account in the leading social media platforms and have followers, which enable you to convey messages to more people. Publishing press releases via social media sites can have greater impact than you think rather than giving a boring lecture. Thus, social media plays a significant role in imparting road safety education.

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