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How can Road Safety be Improved Using Speed Breakers?


Often, you may feel irritated by the speed breakers on roads. But, there is a solid reason behind its construction. Speed breakers are one of the many devices used to slow down the speed of vehicles. It helps to decrease traffic on school areas, hospital areas, etc. so that children as well as senior citizens can cross the road easily.

Usually, speed breakers are constructed near toll booths, at the entry of bridges, narrow roads, that you may reduce speed for the sake of ensuring road safety in India

Any law governing speed breakers?

There are so many circulars regarding the setting up of speed breakers by various Courts. Here is the law governing speed breakers- Home Department’s Resolution No. TFC-1092-991-V dated 23rd March 1992.

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3 circumstances by which the use of speed breakers can be permitted:

1. For minor roads, speed breakers are approved
2. Speed breakers are allowed on junctions, where minor roads meet major roads
3. Streets near university or college campus, schools, hospital areas, residential areas, etc.

The other places where speed breakers may be used to ensure road safety in India :

1. Areas where there is a consistent record of accidents
2. If there is any temporary diversions
3. When there is any narrow or weak bridge ahead
4. Speed breakers are essential for uncontrolled junctions and at railway crossings
5. Sudden curves with poor lightings
6. At places of ribbon development and those dangerous to pedestrians

Indication for speed breakers to avoid unnecessary hazards

  • There should be proper warning signs at the places where speed breakers are present so that the drivers get prepared and embrace the impact. The sign should resemble the design of 'Hump or rough road'
  • For having an additional warning, speed breakers should be compulsorily painted with black and white bands. And in case of improving night visibility, it is better to paint the sign with luminous paints or strips. Otherwise, you can opt for cat eyes for bettering the night visibility

Authority responsible for installation of speed breakers:

Usually, the location of speed breakers is decided by the Traffic Police Department or based on the suggestion made by the general public. These suggestions will be either sent to Traffic Police Department or Traffic Department of the Municipal Corporation. In addition to this, Director General of Police (DGP)of the state and Municipal Commissioner or Councillor are equally responsible for maintaining speed breakers on the road. Also, they ensure that speed breakers are constructed in accordance to the guidelines of Indian Road Congress.

Are speed breakers really dangerous for your safety life?

Of course, a speed breaker helps you to reduce vehicle speed to a large extent, but at the same time, an unexpected speed breaker may result in accidents and sometimes, even death.  In India, you can witness so many roads with illegal speed breakers.  

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Here are certain dangerous effects of speed breakers to the daily life:

  • Decrease speed of emergency vehicles such as fire engine, police vehicles, and ambulances
  • Result in traffic jams and sudden braking
  • Lower fuel efficiency and increases air pollution
  • Causes swift wear and tear of vehicles
  • Negatively effects patients, pregnant ladies and old aged people
  • Increases noise pollution as a result of sudden braking, honking, vehicle crowding, etc.
  • May damage low floored vehicles
  • Vehicles may slip and may result in a sudden collision due to loss of control

In a country like India, people are often reluctant to follow road safety rules. Speed breakers are the perfect solution introduced by the Government to enhance road safety. In fact, speed breakers help you to reduce the vehicle speed and make roads safer.

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How can Road Safety be Improved Using Speed Breakers?
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