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A Complete Guide to Ensure Road Safety in India

Thursday January 19, 2017



You may be well aware of the conditions of Indian roads. It is poor and lamentable. The rate of road related accidents and injuries are soaring up day by day. As the number of vehicles on the road and traffic is advancing in giant strides, it is essential to follow certain road safety rules.

Today, most people lack road-sense, which complicates the matters related to safety.  Even though you have a license in hand, you may not be fully aware of safe driving tips and traffic rules. In addition to this, the vehicle you own may not even have undergone proper maintenance.

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There are so many reasons due to which road accidents and injuries are increasing. Here follows some common reasons:

  • Lack of road safety awareness
  • Use of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets while driving
  • Improper vehicle maintenance
  • Pathetic condition of Indian roads

Some of the essentials before driving on Indian roads:

  • Valid driving license
  • Insurance certificate
  • Registration certificate
  • Pollution Under Control(PUC) certificate

Things to do if you use four wheelers:

  • Wear seat belts and advice the same to other passengers
  • You should use child seats for children below 4 years
  • Permit pedestrians to cross the road first
  • You should give way to emergency vehicles
  • Make use of rear view mirrors and indicators while you move to another lane
  • You should ride slowly near junctions
  • Keep up proper distance from the vehicle in front of yours
  • Always follow your driving lane

 Things that should not be done if you use four wheelers:

  • You should never attempt to jump red lights
  • Do not drink and drive
  • Never use mobile phones while driving a vehicle
  • Do not try to let your vehicle speed exceed 60kph in the city
  • Parking on busy roads is not allowed
  • Do not drive a vehicle if your age is below 18years
  • You should never apply sudden brake

Things that should be done if you use two wheelers:

  • Wear a good quality helmet for your safety
  • Check the tires of your vehicle before starting the journey
  • Ensure that the lights in your vehicle are functioning 
  • Give proper indication before you plan to take a turn
  • Use brakes whenever needed
  • You should maintain a safe distance from the vehicle moving ahead

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Things you should not do if you use two wheelers:

  • Never ride zigzag through traffic
  • You should never try to overtake from the left side of the vehicle
  • Never overload your vehicle
  • You should not apply sudden brake in your vehicle
  • Do not use cell phones while driving your vehicle

Know your road well:    

  • Center line: If the white lines in the center are broken and divides the road into two, then, it signifies that you can overtake if the coast is clear
  • Twin white/yellow lines: This symbol signifies that you should not try to overtake another vehicle in that particular road
  • Small broken white lines: This line is a separation and your vehicles are supposed to move between those lines
  • Single yellow line: This line can never be crossed unless there is a need for you to turn right or take a U-turn
  • Zebra crossing: These white stripes are meant for pedestrians to cross safely on the road. If a pedestrian attempts to cross the road, stop your vehicle and allow them to cross the road

Some of the common faults that obstruct road safety and how it can be handled:

  • Overspeeding –  solved by using radar guns that help to check the speed of vehicles
  • Violation of safety rules- should be strictly dealt by Government and impose heavy fines 
  • Consumption of alcohol and drugs- punishment should be given and license should be cancelled
  • Road congestion- use public transport system and encourage carpooling

Most of the casualties and fatalities are caused by indifference of people towards road safety rules. The safety rules mentioned above can attribute your safety and security on the road. In addition to this, attending an awareness program on road safety can be a good idea for your better and improved life.
                                                        “Care for others, care for your life”

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