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5 Quick Planning Tips for a Successful Field Trip

Thursday October 1, 2015



Field trips, the two magical words generate energy in your students and considerable nervousness in you. But perfect planning can help you tackle any possible difficulty during field trips.

Schools normally plan field trips on the school bus because they are confident about the safety that school transport service provides. With detailed planning along with some key steps, you can easily ensure enjoyable learning experiences for your students.

Just like school transport, enabling better safety during field trips also matters.

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5 quick tips to keep in mind while planning a field trip:

  1. Rules and Regulations: Before planning the field trip, be sure about the existing field trip manual or policies. The whole trip becomes much smoother after familiarizing the current policies and procedures. Planning should be made without violating the rules set by government.  
  2. Safety: Safety must be the prime concern before scheduling the field trip. GPS tracker can help rescue the school bus if it gets lost. Teachers and school staff must be prepared for any startling accident(s) or incident(s) that may happen. Emergency contact data and any approved prescriptions should be brought to the field trip.  Once the destination is fixed, arrange a meeting discussing about the precautions.  
  3. Supervision: Based on the number of students participating in the field trip, school staff should follow adult supervision strategy. Children belonging to Elementary, Middle and High School have different supervisory necessities that should be seriously taken into consideration. 
  4. Expenses: If you are organizing a field trip to a spot with fewer participants, fixing a far place can be quite expensive for each member. Pre-plan the hotels, search for hotels with discounts. Consider children belonging to low-income families while planning the trip, they do have certain limitations.  Don’t involve children while planning the trip; it can create embracement for children belonging to low-income.
  5. Confirm Details: Gather the details of the children participating in the field trip and confirm it. Be double sure that you have collected more than one contact number of each member participating in the event. It’s advisable to bring the parent of any member.

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More Tips:

Teachers must carry

  • First-aid kit
  • Contact Information
  • Attendance sheet
  • Cell phone
  • Students Identities

Don’t Ignore

  • Participant list with their contact number
  • Check the weather of the place in advance
  • Reconfirm accommodation details

Preparing others

  • Hold a meeting with the bus driver
  • Obtain parental permission
  • Prepare chaperones for their roles
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