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5 Must-know Unwritten Road Safety Rules on Indian Roads

Thursday November 3, 2016



Road safety issues are always a matter of concern. Driving on Indian roads can be challenging both mentally and physically. Therefore understanding the unwritten road safety rules is imperative. According to a recent NDTV report, Government Data shows that every day, 400 people are killed in road accidents in India.

You might be familiar with certain written road safety rules in India, such as the prohibition of using the mobile phone while driving, Wearing a seat belt while driving is a must, speed limit set for all vehicle types, wait at the zebra crossing when people are crossing the road, consequences of driving after drinking and more and more. But there are certain unwritten rules for safe driving in India. Read some of these general driving guidelines.

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Never stop, assume all others are mad – Guys, I'm not going crazy! This is something real about driving in heavy traffic, especially in developing countries. All experienced drivers will accept this. It is easy, if you just imagine that everyone around you is suffering from a severe mental disease. Imagine that the car driver, who stopped unexpectedly in front of you will take a dangerous U-turn and be ready to face that. Driving will be funny and easy, once you get used to such experiences. Keep moving forward at any cost. Do not stop for any reason whatsoever.

Convert wrong to right with a flash light – To be on the wrong side of the road is of course out of rule. But the action will become right, if you flash the head lamps. Driver needs to give the ‘flasher’ space to move on as he used the ‘flash light’ first. It is other driver’s duty to be alert, not to be fearful and thus avoid any accidents.

Follow traffic signals, not always – Choose to obey traffic signals, only if you are not in a hurry, if you are interested in and if the person in front of you chooses to. On the red signal, it is right stop and then slowly, moves forward in to the meeting point. But the crazy thing is that if you find yourself gone too far into the point, you may continue through and be on your way. Never mind whether there are passengers crossing by.

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Leave kindness – It is better to avoid being kind at the road. In traffic, though someone will be trying to get in front of you, just avoid eye contact with them and move your vehicle as close as to the car in front of you. If you are going to wait, other cars will get in and thus will upset the eco-balance of the road. However, it is acceptable to stop for children and old people who are crossing the road, if they signal you to stop.

Be aware! Few vehicles are very special – Few larger vehicles, often with the flags of a local political party on their hood are really special. Drivers in such vehicles are master in special techniques, such as installing loud horns that are shocking, holding down these horrible horns at all times, driving ridiculously fast, and cutting others off in traffic. It is highly important for the traffic police to let them pass as fast as possible, or he may have to face consequences.

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